Elephants are some of the most colossal mammals to walk the plains and forests of the globe. Voracious grazers of tremendous size, they shape the landscapes they live in dramatically.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Elephants are generally inoffensive creatures, if left alone. However, they have a strong fear of predators, and won't hesitate to defend themselves if they feel cornered, or if their young are threatened. Elephants attack by charging, goring with their massive tusks, and stomping with their feet -- few creatures are hardy enough to survive an elephant's rush.

Society[edit | edit source]

Elephants are rather intelligent creatures, with long memories and strong family bonds. They have been known to grieve for the dead, and their desire to protect the weak members of their herds is legendary. However, they rarely concern themselves with activities outside of their herd, and can be quite insular.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Elephants consume massive quantities of vegetation, usually trees, shrubs, and leaves, grabbing branches with their trunks and stripping the leaves from the. They will topple trees as well, to get at more of the vegetation. In this way, elephants shape grasslands from the forest, ensuring that the trees themselves rarely stand for long.

Elephants are often hunted or domesticated by humanoids in their home terrain, who use the hide, tusks, and bones of the elephant for crafting homes and objects.

Mammoths & Mastadons[edit | edit source]

Mammoths are hairy elephants who dwell in arctic climes and often reach immense sizes. Frost folk, humans, and ogres have been known to domesticate these creatures.

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