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The ee'aar are a race of winged elves who occupy high latitudes. They watch over the world from a distance with a dispassionate air, and practice a balletic form of semi-aerial martial art that they call a "dance."


Ee'aar resemble stocky elves with great wings. Often, these wings are light colors, but several ee'aar have darker feathers.


Ee'aar share the general elven arrogance and superiority, but apply it in a more patronizing fashion, seeing the other races as undeveloped and "infant."

Curiously, the ee'aar have severe claustrophobia: enclosed spaces can rive them mad, and ee'aar in captivity have been known to snap psychologically.


Ee'aar fight well on the wing, though their wings are fairly fragile, and they can be brought down with modest injuries. When flying, they can make swift diving attacks that are difficult to counter, or agile "dancing" attacks that help them avoid getting hit. This combat method replaces armor for them, as they cannot wear heavy gear and remain aloft.


The ee'aar have a parental relationship with the enduks.