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Echohawk's Complete D&D Monster Index is a website primarily consisting of an Excel spreadsheet listing monsters appearing in Dungeons & Dragons. It is complete or nearly complete, up to the end of 2008, and contains both first-party and some third-party D&D content.

It appears online at http://ant.hivemind.net/monsters.html.


Echohawk's monster index consists primarily of a large spreadsheet in Excel and Open Office formats, which lists monsters and their sources. The sources are classified by 16 distinct categories of canon, and range from first-party print sourcebooks to D&D-adjacent third-party works (e.g. third-party books printed with TSR/WotC permission, and unofficial fan conversions).

Echohawk's monster index was last updated on Dec 29, 2008.

The website also includes a list of every D&D game product and novel up to Dec 30, 2008, and a partial list of D&D 4e traps, hazards, and skill challenges.

Monster index[]

For the benefit of Dungeons & Dragons researchers and editors of this and other wikis, Echohawk's monster list is replicated here at this wiki in an accessible table format.

Note to editors: These articles with monster tables are legacy content and will not be updated. Additionally, many monsters in this list are not included in this wiki's canon category. For the up-to-date articles of monster lists, see instead Lists of Dungeons & Dragons monsters.

Due to technical limitations, the table is divided into separate articles:

See also Raw table of D&D products.

Key: canon categories[]

  • A = Print, D&D logo, published by TSR/WotC
  • B = Print, Dungeon/Dragon/Imagine magazines, related books
  • C = Print, Polyhedron, Living Greyhawk Journal, RPGA modules
  • D = Print, D&D Miniatures
  • E = Print, D&D logo, published by 3rd Party
  • F = Print, D&D novels
  • G = Print, D&D comics, calendars, card games, dice games, movies, etc.
  • H = Print, D&D computer games and game manuals
  • I = Print, official worlds, no D&D logo
  • J = Print, special permission from TSR/WotC (Tome of Horrors, White Dwarf)
  • K = Electronic, D&D Logo, published by TSR/WotC
  • L = Electronic, WotC web pages
  • M = Electronic, official worlds, no D&D logo
  • N = Electronic, special permission from WotC (Tome of Horrors revised)
  • O = Electronic, official fan sites (e.g. Athas.org)
  • P = Electronic, not official (fan conversions, miscellaneous)