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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the eblis is an evil, magical, super-intelligent bird which lives in secluded marshes. Eblises resemble large storks (similar to the boobrie) with white, tan, or gray plumage and sleek, black necks. Their heads are narrow, and they have long, glossy, needle-like beaks.

The eblis is a highly intelligent creature, at least for a bird, and they have the technology to build communities of reed huts in hidden marsh clearings. A notable characteristic of the eblis is their passion for treasure. Not unlike dragons, they have a strong habit of hoarding gold and jewels, and most eblis communities have a pile of such things in the center of their village covered with a magic spell. The assistance of an eblis can, in fact, be gained via the offering of riches. So much, however, do they desire the precious items, it has driven them to become evil creatures who will do anything for money. They take delight in stealing anything of value which a band which they encounter has, and killing whoever bears them. The eblis can attack with its beak and claws, but it prefers to use its immense spellcasting abilities. Most of their spells are to either milsead, frighten, or confuse a victim.

Eblis speak both Common and a language of their own. They are neutral evil in alignment.


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