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Eagles are large, powerful, predatory birds. They are famous for their keen eyesight and great strength, and for their high soaring flight. They have been emblematic of royalty and kingship for aeons.

The "eagle" category includes hawks, falcons, kites, harriers, and similar large, diurnal, predatory birds.


Though common eagles flee most combat, some have been trained to hunt, and others may consider smaller humanoids prey. They attack with a diving pounce or a swoop, quickly, with great force. All eagles have superb eyesight, and are difficult to surprise.


Hawks are on the small side for eagles, and are swifter and more manueverable. While larger eagles tend to be soaring birds, hawks are more about speed and manueverability, though they still pack a devestating punch.

Hawks tend to aim for the eyes of humanoid creatures, and may rip them out. They're also capable of a powerful plummeting blow.

Hawks are occasionally domesticated for hunting, and a trained hawk can be worth quite a bit of gold.


Though real falcons may be more closely related to parrots than eagles, they are included in the "eagle" category. They are smaller and faster than hawks, focusing even more on pure speed, rather than robust power. They are also quite agile, often taking other birds in mid-flight. Their dives are some of the fastest natural speeds attained by any creature, and they impart tremendous force into their prey when they hit.

Falcons are preferred for domestication by hunters and birders, as they are quite clever. Trained falcons can sell for signicicant wealth.

Dire Hawk/Dire Falcon[]

Dire falcons and dire hawks are larger, fiercer creatures, capable of (and willing to) devouring small humanoids.


A hawk or falcon are common familiars. The former are prefered by noble spellcasters who favor their regal blood, while the latter are more common amongst skirmishers. Both are favored by warrior-spellcasters, and both grant great eyesight. Those who favor hawks tend toward magic of abjuration and light, while those who employ falcons skew toward air-elemental effects and rays.

Great Eagles[]

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The great eagles are highly intelligent, though they can be aloof and proud. They have been known to serve as mounts.

Blood Hawks[]

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These unpleasant creatures prefer to hunt humans, making a sport of swooping, attacking, and swooping away, wearing down a traveler until they are free to feast on thier remains.