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Durao is the 274th layer of the Abyss.

Traits and environment[]

Durao is a vast swamp on the banks of the river Styx.

Its primary use is as an embarkation point en route to Gehenna. Countless barracks, iron streets and and rusty iron piers line the banks of the Styx, and are used by tanar'ri to ferry troops to the Blood War.[1]

The sound of boots marching on iron streets can be heard for miles.[2]


This realm is the primary embarkation point for troops headed to the Blood War. It is packed solid with all kinds of tanar'ri demons, yugoloth mercenaries, and humanoid slaves.[2]

Marranaeloths operate the river's massive troop barges, for which they are well paid.

Horrible, deformed creatures occupy the swampland. Abyssal lords enjoy hunting these creatures.[3]


Durao's position on the river Styx gives it access to the other lower planes, most notably Gehenna.[1]

Tanar'ri forces here most often travel via river barge to Gehenna, but they may also march through planar gates to the Outlands, or along the Great Road which winds through the planes.[2]


Durao has no ruler.[4] Its critical position as an embarkation point to the Blood War makes it impossible for any one demon lord to control this realm.[5]


Durao was reported to the Fraternity of Order by Oppel and Lara, two conscripts who deserted the Blood War.[1]


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