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Dungeons and Dragons TV series[]

From Sept 17, 1983 to December 7, 1985 CBS had a cartoon Version of Dungeons and Dragons in which 6 children from 8 to 15 take a asumement Park "Dungeons and Dragons Ride" only to be transported to a magical Realm. Helped by their guide "Dungeonmaster" the children try to make their way back to their own world while combating various evil beings among the way.

The characthers[]

Hank, the Ranger (voiced by Willie Aames): At 15, he is the oldest of the gang, along with Eric, and a natural leader. Hank is a brave and noble individual, maintaining a focus and determination, even when presented with grave danger. Hank is a Ranger, with a magical bow that shoots arrows of glowing energy. These arrows could be used in many different ways such as a climbing tool, to hurt enemies, to bind them or to create light. His deepest fear is a failure to be a leader {"Quest of the Skeleton warrior"}. Twice he does fail as a leader: making the wrong decision trying to save Bobby from Venger {"The Traitor"} and disobeying Dungeonmaster instructions about opening the Box of Balfire{"The Dungeon at the Heart of dawn"}. It was Hank who saved the kids when they were trapped in particularly perilous situations as in another dimension ["The Box"] or when they nearly went insane in Venger's Maze of Darkness ["The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow"]; he also has to make the ultimate moral choice for the kids-such as having to go back to the Realm to save both the Realm and Earth from Venger ["The Box"] or showing mercy to Venger ["The Dragons Graveyard"]. Only once does his anger and frustration at not going home result in barely uncontrollable rage at Venger {"The Dragons Graveyard"}. Of all the kids, Venger regards Hank as his most personal enemy {"The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn"}. {The Portugesse Wikipedia gives his name as Hank Grayson}.He makes a noncannical cameo in Buldars Gate II. He is featured in cartoon show book 5: The King who Wore No Crown

Eric, the Cavalier (voiced by Don Most): The cavalier age 15 is the spoiled child, originating from a rich home. On the surface, Eric is the big-mouthed coward of the show, and he also fulfills the role of the comic relief character. Despite his egotism, selfishness, and snobbery, Eric is potentially also the most realistic character: complaining about the dire situations in which he is involved and voicing concerns which might be common to inhabitants of our world transplanted to the Realm. Despite his cowardice and reluctance, Eric has a well-hidden heroic core, and frequently saves his friends from danger with his magical shield, which can project a force field. In one episode {"Day of the Dungeonmaster"}, he is even granted the powers of the Dungeon Master, and manages this duty quite successfully-even to the extent of risking his own life fighting Venger-so his friends can return home. Throughout the series there is a subtle change to his character: in "Garden of Zinn" he almost stays in the Realm he hates because of an offer of Kingship and riches; in "Cave of the Fiaire Dragoons" he is more interested in Going home than the Fiarie Dragoons Treasury. In "Dungeon at the heart of Dawn" his self confidence in fighting magical beings has built up to the point where he refers to himself and his friends as "Old Professionals". Among the running gags: Eric either trying to take over leadership of the kids or running away in panic; yet when both Bobbi {"City at the Edge of Midnight"} and Hank {"Winds of Darkness"} are kidnapped by demons-its Eric who leads the charge to rescue his friends! Another running gag is Eric and Bobbi teasing one another with insulting nicknames {although the nearest they ever come to physical blows is because they both almost fall under the influence of Venger's Maze of Darkness ["The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow"]. He makes just one friend in the Realm-an orphan those sarcasm and one-upmanship match his own! {"Odyessy of the Twelfth Talisman"}. Of all the kids Eric hates the Realm and fears Venger the most. His deepest fear is ridicule {"Quest of the skeleton warrior"}. {The Portugesse Wipikedia gives his name as Eric Montogomery}.Series developer Mark Evanier revealed that Eric's contrary nature was mandated by parents groups and consultants to push the then-dominant pro-social moral for cartoons of "The group is always right; the complainer is always wrong." He is the victium in cartoon show book 2: Backward Magic {to be saved by Presto} and in cartoon show book 4: The Maze and the Magic Dragon {to be saved by his younger brother Michael{!}

Diana, the Acrobat (voiced by Tonia Gayle Smith): Diana is a beautiful and brave 14-year-old girl. She is an acrobat, and an outspoken and tomboyish member of the group. She carries a magic staff which can shift in length from as short as a few inches to be easily carried on her person to as long as six feet, and which she uses as a weapon or as an aid in various acrobatic moves. Furthermore, if the staff is broken apart, Diana simply has to touch the severed pieces together at their break point and they will reunite. She is skilled at handling animals, and is a self-assured, confident person. These qualities make her the natural leader in the absence of Hank. It is mentioned that Diana is chosen as the acrobat because in her real world she is an Olympic-level gymnastics practitioner. In "Child of the Stargazer" Diana finds her soulmate-about whom she must make a very heartbreaking personal decision as to weather or not to give him up in order to save a community from a evil demon/queen. The most outspoken of the kids she lets no one forget this-weather its Venger who tries to capture Terri {"The Girl who Dreamed Tomorrow"} or King Varon who tried to steal the Fiariy dragons treasure {"Cave of the Fiaire dragons"}. Her deepest fear is becoming useless and old {"Quest of the Skelaton warriors"}{The Portugesse Wikipedia gives her full name as Diana Curry} She is also featured in cartoon show book 6: The Star Snatchers

Presto, the Magician (voiced by Adam Rich): 14-year-old Albert, better known as Presto, is the wizard. Presto fulfills a role of the well-meaning, diligent, but hopeless magician. He suffers from low self-confidence and nervousness, which manifests in the use of his magical hat. He is able to pull an endless succession of various tools from it, but often these will be, or appear to be, of little use. There are also numerous instances when the whole group is in danger, whereupon Presto will draw from his hat precisely what is needed in order to save all of his friends. In {"P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster} there is a great line by Presto: "Nice going Presto! First you loose your friends and then Uni. Some magician you are-Why don't you do everyone a favor and make yourself disappear?" Although like all the Kids Presto yearns to return home, in "The Last illusion" Presto finds his soulmate-an illusion power girl named Varla and makes friends with the Fairy dragon Amber {"Cave of the Fairie Dragons}. Ironically Presto and dragons figure in both the first {"The Night of No Tomorrow"} and the last {"Cave of the Fairie Dragons"} episodes. His deepest fear is losing his glasses without which he cannot see {"Quest of the Skelaton Warrior"} . {The Portugesse Wikipedia gives his full name as Albert Sidney} He must save Eric in cartoon show book 2: Backward Magic

Sheila, the Thief (voiced by Katie Leigh): As the thief, Sheila age 13 has a magical cloak which, when the hood is raised over her head, makes her invisible. Although Shelia is often shy and nervous {"Citadel of Shadow"} with a deep-seated fear of monophobia{"Quest of the Skelaton Warrior"}, she will always display bravery when her friends are in trouble, especially her younger brother, Bobby. Sheila is also the first to point out the flaws or dangers of the group's plans. (In both the Spanish and Latin American versions of Dungeons & Dragons, Sheila is called a mage, or an illusionist.) Through her capacity for friendship with those in trouble she sometimes receives unexpected rewards-such as being offered to become Queen of Zinn-which she politely declines ["Garden of Zinn"] and redeeming from evil Dungeonmaster daughter Karena {"Citadel of Shadow"} Her name "Shelia" in the Irish language means "Blind" -an ironic personal name as her cloak permits her not to be seen among persons-despite her monophobia! {The Portugesse Wikipedia gives her name as Shelia O'Brian} She also fights Venger in cartoon show book 3: The Witch's Spell book

Bobby, the Barbarian (voiced by Ted Field III): Bobby is the youngest member of the team; eight years old when he enteres the realm the characters celebrate his ninth birthday in the "Servant of Evil" episode which he confirms himself that he is "almost ten" four episodes later in "The Lost Children". He is the barbarian, as indicated by his fur pants and boots, horned helmet, and cross belt harness. He is Sheila's younger brother; in contrast to her, Bobby is impulsive and ready to run headlong into battle, even against physically superior enemies, usually resulting in one of the others moving him from harm's way. He has a close relationship with Uni and is often reluctant to leave her when they discover a way home. Bobby carries a magical club, which he regularly uses to trigger earthquakes or dislodge rocks when he strikes the ground. In "The Dragons Graveyard" the strain of being separated from family and friends causes him to have a emotional breakdown. Throughtout the series there is subtle change to his character: in "The Lost Children" he disdains to fight one of them because she is a girl; in "The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow" after he makes a rude condensending remark about Terri, Shelia scolds him; afterward he bonds with Terri-even to putting his life on the line to save hers; Terri is his soulmate-although he must give her up in order to save her from Venger. Of all the kids, Bobby harbors the deepest anger and hatred toward Venger those actions hurt those whom he cares about most-Shelia; Uni and Terri. His deepest fear is being treated like a baby ["Quest of the Skelaton Warrior"] {The Portugesse Wipikedia gives his full name as Robert O'Brian}.He makes a noncannical cameo in Buldar's Gate II. He fights Tiamat in multi-choice cartoon show book 1: Tower Of Midnight Dreams

Uni, the Unicorn (vocal effects provided by Frank Welker): Uni is Bobby's pet, a baby unicorn, which Bobby discovers in the first episode and retains as his companion throughout the show. She has the ability to speak, though her words are not quite discernible; she usually is heard echoing Bobby when she agrees to his opinions. As seen in the episode "Valley of the Unicorns", Uni also possesses the potential for the natural unicorn ability to teleport once a day, and has accessed this power through tremendous concentration and effort; it is intimated that she is still too young to use this ability regularly-without her horn she cannot teleport and becomes very weak. Besides Venger and Keleek, natural enemies of Unicorns are Orcs {"In Search of the Dungeonmaster", "P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster"]. A connunity error shows Uni going with the kids to the real world {"Beauty and the Bogbeast"} however other episodes {The Eye of the Beholder; Day of the Dungeonmaster; The Box} make it clear the Uni must stay in the Realm as she cannot survive out of it.

Dungeon Master (voiced by Sidney Miller): The group's friend and mentor, he provides important advice and help, but often in a cryptic way that does not make sense until the team has completed the quest of each episode. It is the Dungeon Master who supplies the companions with their weapons and clues for their numerous opportunities to return home. As the series progresses, from his repeated displays of power, it begins to seem possible and later, even probable, that the Dungeon Master could easily return the companions home himself. This suspicion is confirmed in the script for the unmade series finale, "Requiem", wherein the Dungeon Master proves he can do just that, without any difficulty. In some episodes, including "City at the Edge of Midnight" and "The Last Illusion", realm inhabitants display great respect or nervous awe of Dungeon Master. It is through the efforts of the kids that both of Dungeonmaster's children Venger {"Requiem"} and Karena {"Citadel of shadow"} are redeemed from evil.

Venger {voiced by Peter Cullen}: The main force of Evil and the estranged son of Dungeonmaster; there was good in him once however he has become a force for evil. He has been an evil wizard for at least 1,000 years {"The Night of no tomorrow"; "The Treasure of Tardos"; "The Girl who dreamed tomorrow"}. To conquer the Realm he must 1} destroy Dungeonmaster and the kids; 2} aquire the kids totems 3} Use the kids weopons to conquer Tiamat. Venger hates the kids especially -not just because they posses the totems he needs to conquer Tiamat and the Realm but also because they are "Pure of Heart". {"The dragons graveyard"}. Venger's master whom even he fears is only referred as "He whose Name cannot be spoken" {"Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn"}. The Only organic substance that Venger fears are red heartstones {"The Traitor"}. Venger has lost magical duels to Tiamat {"Hall of Bones"}; Dungeonmaster {"Eye of the Beholder"; "In search of the Dungeonmaster"}; Eric {"Day of the Dungeonmaster"}; Presto {"The Dragons Graveyard"}; Korlock {"Odyessy of the Twelfth Talisman"}; Karena & Shelia{"Citadel of Shadow"}. Veneger appears in all episodes except 6,10,13,16,21,26 and 27}.

Shadow Demon (voiced by Bob Holt): A shadowy demon, he is Venger's personal spy and assistant. Shadow Demon often informs Venger about the children's (whom he refers to as "Dungeon Master's young ones") current quests.

Tiamat (vocal effects provided by Frank Welker): Venger's arch-rival is a fearsome female five-headed Queen of the dragons with a reverberating multi-level voice. Her five heads are: a white head breathing ice, a green head breathing toxic gas, a central red head breathing fire, a blue head breathing lightning, and a black head breathing acid. Only two things can conquer her -the kids weopons used together{Hall of Bones"}or dragonbane {"The Treasure of Tardos"}.Although Venger and the children both avoid Tiamat, the kids once used her to their own ends such as making a deal with her in "The Dragon's Graveyard" to destroy Venger. Although promotional blurbs show the kids fighting Tiamat, the kids only fight her twice {"The Night of No Tomorrow""The Dragons Graveyard"]-Tiamat's main quarrel is with Venger. The non-canonical "Buldar's Gate II" makes the claim that the kids were destroyed by Tiamat.


Season 1[][]

1} "The Night of no Tomorrow" Sept 17, 1983 Tricked by Venger, Presto unwhitingly conjures up fire breathing dragons against the town of Helix. Can the kids rescue Presto and save Helix?

2 "The Eye of the Beholder" Sept 24, 1983 The kids must fight a monster in order to find a portal home; their unlikely ally is Sir John-a cowardly knight!

3 "The Hall of Bones" Oct 1, 1983 When the kids totems run out of magic, the weopons must be recharged in the tomb of the Hall of Bones. Can the kids succded -or will they be stopped by Venger? As comic relief Dungeonmaster speaks with a Irish Brogue accent!

4 "Valley of the Unicorns" Oct 8, 1983 Uni is kidnapped by the wizard Kelek who takes Uni power of transporatation. Can the kids save Uni and the rest of the Realms Unicorns-with the help of Venger?

5 "In Search of the Dungeonmaster" Oct 15, 1983 The kids must rescue Dungeonmaster before he is turned over to Venger!

6 "Beauty and the Bogbeast" Oct 22, 1983 The Kids find a portal home-but Eric has been turned into a bogbeast; can the kids find a cure before its too late?

7 "Prison without Walls" Oct 29, 1983 In order to find a portal home, the kids must free the wizard Lukyon; will Venger ruin their plans again?

8 "Servant of Evil" Nov 5, 1983 Bobby birthday is ruined when the rest of the kids are captured by Venger; its up to Bobby and Uni to free their friends!

9 "Quest of the Skelaton Warrior" Nov 12, 1983 In order to free a cursed skeleton warrior Dekkion, the kids must confront their deepest fears in the Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights. Will they succeded or become either trapped by fear or be cursed like Dekkion forever?

10 "The Garden of Zinn" Nov 19, 1983 Bobby is poisioned; in order to cure him will Eric become King of Zinn? [In the teaser is a comic relief routine similar to old Warner Bros cartoons, Eric and Bobbi try to catch a small creature for breakfast-which escapes down a hole. Bobbi and Eric are reduced to looking mad at one another]

11 "The Box" Nov 26, 1983 With the help of Zandora's magicial box the kids find a portal home! But can they stay there? Veneger tries to take over both the Realm and the Kids homeworld at the same time!

12 "The Lost Children" Dec 3, 1983 With the help of another group of lost children, the kids must locate a spaceship in Venger's castle which could take them home!

13 "P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Diaster" Dec 10, 1983 Trying to save his friends from Venger's Orcs, Presto spell sends his friends off into danger in a Giant's castle; Presto and Uni must save them. (llosely based on "Jack and the Beanstalk")

Season 2[][]

14 "The Girl who dreamed Tomorrow" Sept 8, 1984 The kids meet a lost child named Terri who is also a clairvoyant. Can she help the kids survive Venger's Maze of Darkness to get home without them all going insane? Bobbi must make a heartbreaking personal choice to save his soulmate Terri from Venger!

15 "The Treasure of Tardos" Sept 15, 1984 Venger's creation Demodragon is uncontrollable! The kids must ally themselves --with Venger!

16 "City at the Edge of Midnight" Sept 22, 1984 Bobbi is captured by the demon Nightwalker who kidnapps children to prevent time striking midnight! Its up to the kids to free the captives.

17 "The Traitor" Sept 29, 1984 Bobby is captured by Venger's Orcs; the rest of the kids are shocked to find out that Hank is a traitor--or is he?

18 "Day of the Dungeonmaster" Oct 6, 1984 After Eric opens his big mouth once too offen, Dungeonmaster makes Eric a Dungeonmaster for a day! Can Eric use his new powers to open a portal home for his friends-even against Venger?

19 "The Last Illusion" Oct 13, 1984 Presto bonds with a captive of Venger's-a illusionist girl named Varla.

20 "The Dragons Graveyard" Oct 20, 1984 Venger has tried the kids patience beyond the breaking point when he destroys their latest portal. The kids ally themselves with Tiamat to do away with Venger once and for all! Will Hank give in to anger and destroy his arch enemy forever?

21 "Child of the Stargazer" Oct 27, 1984 Dinah bonds with a boy named Kosar; now she must make a personal choice weather to give him up in order to save a community from a evil queen.

Season 3[][]

22 The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn" Sept 14, 1985 The kids accidently let loose a signal to summon Venger's Master-he those name cannot be spoken! Is this the end of Dungeonmaster, the Kids,and Venger-- forever?

23 "The Time Lost" Sept 21, 1985 Venger plans to use a time portal to have Germany win World War II-and prevent the kids from ever being born! Will he succeded?

24 "Odyssey of the Twelfth Talisman" Sept 28, 1985 Eric makes his only friend in the Realm-an orphan who posses a dangerous Talisman-which both Venger and a rival wizard both covet!

25 "Citadel of Shadow" Oct 5, 1985 Shelia frees a young woman named Karena from a spell-not knowing she is Venger's sister and rival in evil! Shelia must make a personal choice regarding two magic rings-either use them to get home or save Karena from being destroyed by Venger! {Note: Venger's last appearance in the series-trapped in a magical force field by Shelia. It is probable that Karena red magical heart ring stone is made from the same red heartstone that Venger hates so much ["The Traitor"]}

26 "The Winds of Darkness" Oct 12, 1985 Hank is captured by a demon of darkness; can the kids persuade a embittered pupil of Dungeonmaster's to help them?

27 "Cave of the Fairie Dragons' Oct 19, 1985 The kids are saved from giant red ants by a fairie dragon named Amber who becomes friends with Presto. Can the kids not only save the Fairie dragon Queen Tasmira and the rest of the fairie dragons from the greedy King Varon but also find a portal home at last? After the kids help the dragons but lose another chance to go home-the last words of the series are spoken by Dungeonmaster:"You are correct, Cheavlier. You are closer to home than you think...for home is a reflection of the heart...a reflection you are beginning to understand"

Note while its true that Cave of the Fairie Dragons was broadcast before Winds of Darkness...they were actually produced so Winds of Darkness is # 26 and Cave of the Fairie Dragons is 27th and LAST episode...see Offical listing of episode booklet

Likewise had the series not been canceled, the next episode "Requiem" would have shown 1) the Kids redeeming Venger from evil and 2} having an unresolved clifhanger ending: either finally going home {if the series was canceled} or a 4th season of more adventures-{if the series was renewed}; but with a difference: a different dungeonmaster and no Venger as a chief antagonist! {See note Dungeons and dragons cartoon Wiki episode list } However the actors did read out "Requiem" as a Radio play and a Portugesse comic book version of Dungeons and Dragons did produce "Requiem". As noted this series never had a concluding episode-not even with "Requiem"-hence immagative fans can write their own versions of what happened to the kids...for example at Fanfiction. As an example of D & D fanfiction see the following link at [1] "The Rip Van Winkle Children" the kids come back to their world after "Requiem" and Find things have changed! In the same message block "Destiny" the kids are back in the Realm and their ultimate fates and why they went to the Realm is revealed! The series was later acquired by Walt Disney Entertainment; ironically in a fantasy Disney Cartoon hero series of a group of Duck refugees who fight evil during the day and hockey games at night Aka "The Mighty Ducks" one episode "Dragons and Ducks" Showed the heros going to a magical Realm and fighting an evil Wizard who can change himself into a dragon....Although the series was only rerun on Telivision a few years after its cancelation, epsiodes of the series can be found on YouTube.