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Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to create a complete encyclopedia of official Dungeons & Dragons lore, history, and canon publications.

However, there are numerous other Dungeons & Dragons wikis, each with its own focus. These wikis are often a much better fit for certain types of content.

Homebrew or fan creation wikis

Homebrew wikis serve as repositories of homebrew game material; that is, game rules and content created by fans, rather than from an official sourcebook.

Wiki Affiliation Content Size
D&D Wiki
Independent Homebrew content for various editions of D&D. Also hosts third-party content published under the OGL. 64,000+
Dungeons and Dragons Wiki
Independent Homebrew content. Also contains an encyclopedic canon section. 30,000+
Dungeons and Dragons Wiki Fandom Fandom's D&D wiki consisting primarily of homebrew content, SRDs, and OGL content. 10,000+
d20 NPC Wiki Fandom Fan-made statblocks of NPCs for D20-based games. 1,900+
BR Wiki Independent Birthright encyclopedia run by the authorized Birthright fansite. Non-canon. 14,000+
Timaresh Independent Planescape wiki. Non-canon. 580+


Wikis exist the catalogue the lore of many Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. These are often a better place to put lore about a specific setting.

Wiki Affiliation Content Size
Forgotten Realms Wiki Fandom Forgotten Realms encyclopedia. 32,000+
Dark Sun Wiki Fandom Dark Sun encyclopedia. 180+
Eberron Wiki Fandom Eberron encyclopedia. 1,700+
Chronicles of Astinus Fandom Dragonlance encyclopedia. 8,000+
Great Library of Greyhawk Independent The original World of Greyhawk encylopedia, founded by the Canonfire! community in 2007. 1,500+
Great Library of Greyhawk Independent A fork of the Canonfire wiki by the Greyhawk Online community. Currently the largest and most active Greyhawk wiki. 3,000+
Greyhawk Wiki Fandom Greyhawk encyclopedia. 900+
D&D: Points of Light Wiki Fandom A reference to the core setting of Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. 140+
Spelljammer Wiki Fandom Spelljammer encyclopedia. 700+
Cyclopedia Mystara Independent Mystara encyclopedia. Unknown
Mistipedia Independent Ravenloft encylopedia. 11,000+
The Demiplane of Dread Fandom Ravenloft encyclopedia. 240+

If you wish to create a wiki for a D&D setting not listed here, or even your own homebrew setting, you may create a new wiki.


Wiki Affiliation Content Size
D&D4 Wiki Fandom Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition encyclopedia. 7,000+
D&D 5e Wiki Fandom Former Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition wiki. Previously hosted a copy of the 5e SRD, but closed over disputes regarding hosting Unearthed Arcana content. 0

Official D&D video games

Wiki Affiliation Content Size
Baldur's Gate Wiki Fandom A reference guide to the Baldur's Gate series of video games, in the Forgotten Realms setting. 4,900+
Icewind Dale Wiki Fandom Encyclopedia of the Forgotten Realms game Icewind Dale 950+
Gold Box Wiki Fandom An encyclopedia of TSR-era D&D videogames. 50+
NWNWiki Fandom Neverwinter Nights wiki. 3,700+
NWN2Wiki Fandom Neverwinter Nights 2 wiki. 3,800+
Neverwinter Wiki Fandom Encyclopedia of the Neverwinter MMORPG released in 2013. 500+
Torment Wiki Fandom An encyclopedia of the videogame RPG Planescape: Torment and its spiritual sequel Torment: Tides of Numenera. 1,200+

Other reference sites

Site Content
The Hypertext d20 SRD Hyperlinked publications of the free System Reference Documents for D&D 3.5, D&D 5e, and Pathfinder 1e.

Related wikis

Wiki Affiliation Content Size
RPG Museum Fandom An encyclopedia of general roleplaying game history, design theory and culture. 1200+
Pathfinder Wiki Paizo The official encyclopedia wiki for the Pathfinder RPG roleplaying game, founded in 2008. (A bug currently prevents linking out to this wiki.) 16,000+
Pathfinder Wiki Fandom Fandom's Pathfinder encyclopedia. 3,900+
StarfinderWiki Paizo Official encyclopedia wiki for Starfinder, Paizo's Pathfinder in space. 1,400+
Critical Role Wiki Fandom Wiki for the Critical Role web series, whose setting appears in some D&D 5th edition crossover products. 2,400+
MTG Wiki Gamepedia Wiki for the Magic: The Gathering, which appears in some D&D 5th edition crossover products. 5,500+
Diablo Wiki Fandom Wiki for the Diablo video game series, whose setting appears in a number of AD&D 2nd edition and D&D 3rd edition edition crossover products. 9,700+
Rickipedia Fandom Wiki for the Rick and Morty television series, which features in D&D 5rd edition crossover products. 1,700+