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Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki

D&D Lore Wiki is a massive and ongoing project to create a unified reference encyclopedia to official first-party Dungeons & Dragons canon of every edition. Its primary goal is to unlock the vast breadth of forgotten D&D lore, much of it buried in obscure and out-of-print D&D books, and make that knowledge available to current and future D&D players and DMs alike.

Try to imagine that you are contributing to a massive sourcebook for players of an unknown future edition of Dungeons & Dragons... because in a way, you are.

New content needed

Every named lore element in D&D should have its own article at this wiki, no matter how insignificant.

Grab any TSR or WotC Dungeons & Dragons book you have. Every named class, deity, magic item, material, monster, mundane item, NPC, organization, plane, race, spell, settlement and world named in that book needs its own article. We also need an article for that book itself, one for each writer who worked on it.

Create a new page

Always follow the editing guidelines, and use the convenient standard new article templates where available.

Special:CreatePage can be used to create any new page where no standard template exists, or for very short articles where the full template would not be useful, such as very minor NPCs about whom only a few sentences are known.

Improve an existing page

If the page you want to create already exists, check the references section at the bottom to see if the information from book you have has already been included. If not, update the article to include new information.

Expand a stub

Many existing articles already have a stub, or short article in need of expansion. See Category:Article stubs for a list of these.

Create a most wanted article

See Special:WantedPages for a list of the most linked-to pages which do not yet exist. Use the correct new article template where relevant.

Help with maintainence

You can also help in small ways by making fixes to existing articles.

  • Correct spelling mistakes and formatting errors.
  • Check the page history for accidental deletion of important data, the inclusion of inaccurate unsourced data, and possible vandalism.
  • Add images, if available, to infoboxes where they are missing.