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Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki

D&D Lore Wiki is a reference encyclopedia wiki of Dungeons & Dragons lore, canon and history.


This wiki was founded on February 28, 2010 under the name Dungeons & Dragons Wiki and at the url dungeonsdragons.wikia.com. The original founder was WonderWaffles, who envisioned the site as a purely encyclopedic D&D reference wiki:

"The purpose of this wiki is to give published information about D&D, its various characters, settings, locations, and rules. Want to know the history of Orcus, or interested in what THAC0 meant? This is the place for it! The wiki is NOT for homebrew stuff, or 3rd party materials (though helpful references are always encouraged), nor is it a place to post detailed statistical information."
— WonderWaffles, February 28, 2010.

On May 9, 2018, following a 2½ year absence by the original founder, this wiki was adopted by BeardWizard and given the new name D&D Lore Wiki to distinguish it from three popular homebrew repositories named D&D Wiki. At this time it had 783 pages. Today, this site has grown to 2,950 articles.


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