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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the dryad is a fey creature based upon the dryad of Greek mythology. They are tree spirits with the forms of beautiful (albeit woody) women who benevolently protect forests and woodlands.

Physical Description

Dryads resemble highly beautiful human or elven women only made out of smooth, brown-green wood, and with grass and leaves for hair. They can step into and out of trees, and can perform localized teleportation by entering one tree and then magically appearing out of another nearby one.


Dryads work, along with some other fey, to protect and preserve the forests they inhabit and so any who desecrate them incur their wrath. Although ultimately protectors of whole forests, they do have individual trees to themselves. If a dryad leaves the vicinity of her tree for too long, she will die. They also sometimes aid adventurers and can prove useful as a source of information.


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