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Driller's Hives is the 2nd layer of the Abyss.

The very air of this plane contains a disease that transforms visitors into terrible insect creatures.


This plane is inhabited by countless numbers of insects, continually waging war with each other from gargantuan insect hives. They attack visitors to the plane, digging deep holes into their flesh.

The plane's demonic inhabitants include ekolids, primeval demonic insects which reproduce by infecting living victims with their eggs. Their mere visage inflicts insanity.[1]


The Driller's Hives is ruled by the demon lord Tharzax, the Chattering Prince. He is a tanar'ri lord of poisonous vermin.[2]



The Driller's Hives was discovered by Lord-Provost Carolan of the Seventh Tower, in the in the fifth year of the rule of factol Clarille of the Fraternity of Order. It was the second layer of the Abyss recorded by the guild after Pazunia, the Plain of Infinite Portals, which was officially entered into the guild's records a year earlier.[3]

Half of Sir Carolan's group were killed in the expedition, with the survivors wounded and driven half-mad. It was discovered that paladins were immune to the plane's transformational disease, but others of the group fell victim to that plague.


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