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"So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending."
— J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Dragonhammer is a powerful artifact greatsword with a singular purpose: slaying dragons.


Dragonhammer is a two-handed greatsword. Its wide blade crackles with energy when drawn, and shines perpetually even if its wielder is slain. It has a thick hilt, as if originally crafted for some giant warrior, and a jagged crossguard.[1]



Dragonhammer is a holy weapon of exceptionally powerful magical enhancement, and feared by dragonkind. Its blade is exceptionally lethal against creatures of evil, and equally more powerful again against evil dragons.[2]

The sword's wielder is highly resistant to the elements which compose the breath weapons of evil dragons (acid, electricity, fire and cold). The wielder is also exceptionally difficult to hit.


Dragonhammer's drawbacks are unknown.


Dragonhammer is a major artifact, and cannot by destroyed by normal means.



No legends of Dragonhammer's creation survive.

Past wielders

In 592 CY, Dragonhammer was carried into the Bastion of the Unborn Souls by Orrun-Pelor, an orc paladin of Pelor on a quest to slay the red dragon, Ashardalon. The last surviving member of his party, Orrun-Pelor snuck into the Bastion by using shapechanging magic to disguise as a member of a demon raiding party.

Orrun-Pelor was slain by a soulmarauder while he slept, and never had the chance to fulfil his quest. Later, a party of adventurers recovered Dragonhammer and carried it into battle with Ashardalon.

Publication history

D&D 3rd edition

Dragonhammer appeared in Bastion of Broken Souls (2002), p.46, and Arms & Equipment Guide (2003), p.150. The text of the Arms & Equipment Guide version is ambigious as to its effect on nonevil dragons, but the original version in Bastion is clear that its dragonbane property works only against evil dragons, and its other abilities work against all enemies.

Creative origins

Dragonhammer may have been inspired by Gram, the sword wielded by the Norse hero Sigurd of Saga of the Volsungs, which made its D&D debut in the Dragon Magazine #41 article Giants in the Earth.[3] Sigurd's legendary sword was later described in Legends & Lore (2e) (1990), p.173 as the Sword of Odin, where it is especially effective against evil dragons and protects the wielder from fire.


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