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Don Bassingthwaite is a Canadian author.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bassingthwaite was born in Meaford, Ontario, and now lives and works in Toronto.[1] He has degrees in anthropology and museum studies and is the author of numerous fantasy and dark fantasy novels.[1] Many of his works are set in the fictional universes of role-playing games. He has written novels for gaming companies including Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf Game Studios.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Bassingthwaite lives with his partner in Toronto.[2]

Publications[edit | edit source]

For the World of Darkness
  • Such Pain (1995, )
  • Pomegranates Full and Fine (1995, )
  • Breathe Deeply (1995, )
  • "Smoke", short story contained in Book of the Kindred (1996, , originally published as Book of the Dead in 1993)
  • As One Dead (with Nancy Kilpatrick, 1996, )
For Dark•Matter
  • If Whispers Call (2000, )
  • By Dust Consumed (2002, published electronically)
For Dungeons & Dragons
  • The Rogues series, set in the Forgotten Realms
  • Set in the Forgotten Realms
  • The Dragon Below series, set in Eberron
  • The Legacy of the Dhakaan series, set in Eberron
    • The Doom of Kings (2008, )
    • The Word of Traitors (2009, )
    • "The Tyranny of Ghosts" (2010, )
  • The Abyssal Plague Trilogy, set in Nentir Vale
    • Book 1 The Temple of Yellow Skulls (March 2011, )
    • Book 2 Oath of Vigilance (August 2011, )
    • Book 3 The Eye of the Chained God (April 2012, )
Science Fiction

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