Dire wolverine
Dire wolverines are immense, prehistoric, giant versions of normal wolverines. Given the reputation normal wolverines have for ferocity and ill temper, the dire versions are truly unpleasant customers, difficult to persuade in any direction, and dangerous to even a well-trained adventurer.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dire wolverines resemble their normal kin, but are much larger, the size of a large horse or bear, and quite heavy. Some have primal magic coursing through their veins, resulting in mutations such as bone spurs, forked tails, horns, and other mutations.


Dire wolverines occupy a high niche on the local food web. While rarely an apex predator, they are voracious consumers of meat and fish, and will consume nearly anything. With powerful, bone-crunching jaws and claws that can rip open solid rock, they are more than able to break into any storehouse and loot what is inside.