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Dire Rhinoceros

AKA Wooly Rhinoceros, Elasmotherium

Dire rhinoceroses are hairy, tough-skinned creatures of prehistoric lineage, often suffused with primal magic of some sort. With an immense, impaling horn, and thick, insulating wool, these creatures wander accross vast stretches of arctic tundra in search of the trees and grasses that sustain them. They are dangerous to many travelers, given their short tempers and bad eyesight, though some natives of the cold lands have learned to domesticate them.

Physical Appearance[]

The dire rhinoceros is a massive, woolly creature with a single nasal horn that often grows up to 10 feet in length. A typical dire rhinoceros grows up to 30 feet long (excluding the horn) and can weigh up to 10,000 pounds.


Dire rhinoceroses travel in small family groups accross vast stretches of tundra, eating what plants they find on the way. They are in near-constant migratory motion, seeking out tender grasses in the few days of summer.