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Also known as Irish Elk, Dire Deer, Dire Stag, Megaloceros.

Dire elk are immense versions of normal deer, with large, elaborate, often splayed antlers being their most defining quality. They share most of the traits common to herd mammals, but are quite large, and can have primal mutations such as bone spurs, thick fur, and hooves capable of splitting trees.


Dire elk prefer to flee (and are quite fast), but when forced into combat they employ their massive antlers and dagger-sharp hooves to gore, stomp, and stampede.

Physical Appearance[]

Dire elk are the size of a small house and wield antlers capable of sweeping and impaling many opponents at once. Their hides are covered in thick fur that protects them from the cold and their tough hooves are capable of digging through permafrost in search of plants.


Dire elk are the biggest herbivores of the arctic, subsisting on grass, mosses, shrubs, and small trees wherever they exist, often stripping an area barren in their migratory path. As they migrate, an entourage of predators and natives follow them, living off of the meat and using the elk's bones, antlers, and other body parts for their crafts.


Snow goblins and neanderthals use these "great snow elks" for meat and building supplies. Neanderthals, elves, and gnomes, and midgard dwarves train the dire elk to carry loads and to carry riders as well.