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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the destrachan is an aberration.

Physical description

A destrachan looks like a bizarre, nonintelligent beast, but is actually highly intelligent and incredibly evil. It resembles a sort of cross between some type of biped, herbivorous dinosaur, and a hound-like creature (one may even describe it as kangaroo-like). It has a pair of complex, three-part ears that it can adjust to be more or less sensitive to certain sounds. Though blind, it can navigate with its hearing better than most creatures can with their sight. It has a round, tubular mouth and is brown in coloration. It is about ten feet long and weighs four thousand pounds.


The destrachan utilizes harmonics to attack. From its tubular mouth, it emits deadly amplified soundwaves which shatter what they touch. So skilled is the destrachan at attacking in this method that it can choose which type of matter the soundwaves will affect. When fighting opponents, it typically first uses armor-disrupting harmonics and then switches to flesh-damaging ones. Although it has claws, it only uses these as a last resort, such as finishing off a dying opponent that has already been weakened by harmonics.


Destrachans live underground. They cannot speak, but understand Common. If a destrachan must communicate, it does so via action.

Destrachans are usually neutral evil in alignment.


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