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For the spell, see Demiplane (spell).

A demiplane is a small plane with its own unique properties.[1] They may be created by powerful forces,[2] but wizards and other spellcasters can create demiplanes using spells such as demiplane[3] and Mordenkainen's magnificent mansion.[4] Demiplanes are known to form naturally as well, as small sections of reality separated from the larger multiverse; a demiplane may even be a "baby universe" of its own.[2]

Demiplanes can generally be entered through a specific point where it touches on another plane,[2] such as the door generated by the demiplane spell.[3] Plane shift can also transport individuals to a demiplane, but it is difficult to find the proper frequency for the required tuning fork; the gate spell is a more reliable option.[2]

Portals to many demiplanes can be found within the Ethereal Plane,[5] but demiplanes can be connected to other planes as well.[1]

Other planes have been mistaken for demiplanes. The Shadowfell was once known as the Demiplane of Shadow, before it was revealed to be a plane unto itself.[6][7]

Known demiplanes[]

  • The Demiplane of Electromagnetism
  • The Demiplane of Fear[8]
  • The Demiplane of Filth
  • The Demiplane of Haven
  • The Demiplane of Imprisonment
  • The Demiplane of Invention
  • The Demiplane of Nightmares
  • The Demiplane of Time, also known as Temporal Prime
  • The Black Abyss
  • The Boundless
  • The Breaching Obelisk
  • The Clockwork Gap
  • Common Ground
  • The Domains of Dread, also known as Ravenloft, and formerly known as the Demiplane of Dread
  • Draedenden
  • Dungeonland
  • Faerie
  • Gloaming
  • Inphirblau
  • The Isle of Black Trees
  • The Isle of the Ape
  • Land of the Immortals
  • The Lost Citadel of Magic
  • Maelost
  • The Mazes, created by the Lady of Pain
  • The Mewling
  • Moil, the City That Waits
  • Neth, the Plane That Lives
  • The Observatorium
  • Oxyrhynchus
  • The Semblance
  • The Shattered World
  • Sigil[9]
  • Sildëyuir
  • The Timevoid
  • Urunaland
  • Wormscape
  • Zagyg's Maze
  • The unnamed demiplane of Keraptis, home of the xill[10]


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