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Deluxe Character Sheets is a 68-page sourcebook for [missing data] released in [missing data].

Official synopsis[]

Inside the pockets of this protective folder, you’ll find a full set of D&D character record sheets -- and more.

Formatted in a new folio-style layout, each record has plenty of room to keep track of everything that makes each of your characters unique, including extra space for adding new class features and abilities for your multiclass characters.


  • 11 four-page character record sheets, one for each of the character classes in the Player’s Handbook.
  • A four-page generic D&D character record sheet.
  • Quick-reference spell lists for all spellcasting classes in the Player’s Handbook and spellcasting prestige classes in the Dungeon Master''’s Guide.
  • A bonus, four-page d20 Modern character record sheet.

Every character record sheet and spell list is designed to be easy to photocopy, so you’ll always have a fresh sheet on hand when you need one.


Development and release[]



Deluxe Character Sheets was released by in for $[missing data] US or $[missing data] Canadian.

On January 25, 2021, it was re-released in digital format. It is currently available on DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild for $12.99.

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