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Delsenora is a female wizard.

Appearance and personality

Delsenora's appearance is unknown, and little was revealed of her personality.


Delsenora has a high intelligence[1] and an even more exceptional constitution.[2]

As a wizard, she is capable of casting spells of at least up to 7th level.[1] Delsenora knows the spell phantasmal force.[3] She also knows the spells fireball, Melf's acid arrow, haste, and burning hands.[4]


Delsenora adventured with Rath and Rupert. At one point, the three battled a group of orcs and trolls.[4] Delsenora once asked Rath to make an "elaborate wrought-iron cage" that she needed for the creation of a magic item.[5]

At another time, Delsenora adventured with Johann.[6]

Delsenora once discovered a magical sword; after identify and giving the sword to an unnamed but trusted fighter failed to reveal anything about the weapon, the spell legend lore informed her that the sword once belonged to "he who waits till Albion's time of greatest peril". Thus she learned she had a powerful item, but Delsenora had to cast more legend lore spells to get further information.[7]

She may have also invented a spell called Delsenora's malevolent steamroller.[8]

Publication history

AD&D 2nd edition

Delsenora was one of the example characters in the Player's Handbook (2e) (1989), along with Rath, Rupert, and Johann. Her player was identified as Anne,[4] but also as Louise.[6]

Reception and influence

Another female character named Delsenora appeared in the Spellfire: Master the Magic card game.[9] However, the two appear to be unrelated.

The names Delsenora, Rath, and Rupert were reused in the Unearthed Arcana article Greyhawk Initiative; however, this Delsenora was a sorcerer rather than a wizard.[10]


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