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Lets a caster bestow upon a creature echolocation, like a bat, to see in the dark.

AD&D 2e[]

Spell Level: 3 Rarity: Rare
Schools: Alteration, Shadow
Components: V, S, M (two bat ears and a small silver tuning fork, rung audibly during the casting - the components are not consumed)
Range: Touch Casting Time: 3
Duration: 1 hr/level Saving Throw: None
Target: The creature touched

The touched creature gains the abilty to echolocate like a bat. A creature cannot benefit from this darksense and sight at the same time - if they can see, their darksense doesn't function. A creature also needs to be able to emit sound and hear sound to use this new sense - a deaf or mute character, or one silenced or gagged, cannot employ their darksense.

As long as they are using darksense, the affected creature suffers no penalties for being in darkness or light. The creature does not notice visual illusions, gasses, mist, dust, or insubtantial,e thereal, or incorporeal beings - creatures that darksense doesn't sense can be attacked as if they were blind (+4 on the attack roll). Certain activities, such as reading, will be impossible while benefitting from darksense.

The caster can end this spell with a word, if they desire. The spell is known to be found in the tome Manor's Manual of Sight.