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"The lot of mortals is reverence, obedience, acceptance, and fear."
—Second Doctrine of the Dark Six

The Dark Six is a group of of deities worshipped in Eberron. Along with the Sovereign Host, they are part of a group known as the Nine and Six and One.


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The Dark Six consists of six deities: The Devourer, god of nature's wrath; The Fury, god of vengeance; The Keeper, god of greed; The Mockery, god of violence; The Shadow, god of dark magic; and The Traveler, god of chaos. All are evil, except The Traveler.[1]

The Dark Six were once part of the Sovereign Host, but were cast out long ago in an event known as the Schism.


In civilized Khorvaire, the Dark Six is worshipped only in secret. Many followers of the Sovereign Host will offer the occasional quiet prayer to the Dark Six, if only to appease their wrath.

Those who follow this religion properly usually revere one of the six in particular; perhaps those who seek wealth worship The Keeper, while someone who plots revenge on another venerates The Fury.

Clerics conduct cultlike rituals, including animal sacrifice to request the favor of one of the Dark Six. Rarely, some temples perform a human sacrifice.


Temples of the Dark Six usually operate in secret, and are operated by a high priest who commands the loyalty of lesser clerics, who in turn commands the allegience of lay followers, or Vassals.


Like the followers of the Sovereign Host, those who worship the Dark Six believe in the Doctrine of Universal Sovereignty, that the gods see all and are part of all. The Devourer is there in every storm, and The Traveler is there wherever a change happens.

The second doctrine is that the role of mortals is to fear the gods, but not to love them or expect their favor. The third is that the Keeper rewards the most loyal followers in the afterlife.


Long ago in the Age of Demons, according to the draconic faith of Thir, sixteen dragons, called Sovereigns, ascended to divinity to watch over Eberron. Legends of those Sovereigns eventually inspired humanoid cultures, including goblins who lived after the fall of the empire of Dhakaan.

The first human settlers in Khorvaire equated their nine gods with nine of the goblins' deities, and adapted six of the remaining seven into the monstrous Dark Six.

Publication history[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

The Dark Six are first detailed in the D&D 3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting (2003), the original Eberron sourcebook.

D&D 4th edition[]

The Dark Six is described in detail in the Eberron Campaign Guide (2009).[2]

D&D 5th edition[]

The Eberron deities are listed in the Player's Handbook (2014).

Creative origins[]

The Eberron Campaign setting was an original creation of Keith Baker as part of a contest by Wizards of the Coast to create a new original D&D setting.