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Dankendismal is a role-playing game magazine that began publication in 1975.

Publication history[]

Dankendismal was a mimeographed Dungeons & Dragons fanzine[1] published by John M. Morrison of Moorestown, New Jersey.[2] The fanzine focussed on the game of Dungeons & Dragons. In its pages, Morrison created in-game challenges for his readers to play.[3]

The first issue of the fanzine was published in December 1975, and Issues 2–6 appeared monthly until May 1976. Issue 7 was published in September 1976, and the final issue, No. 8, appeared in February 1977.[3]

Copies of all issues except #2 are currently held in the library of Bowling Green State University (Ohio).[3]


  • In the February 1976 edition of The Strategic Review (Issue #6), Gary Gygax thought Dankendismal contained "some interesting ideas", and although he found it "rather lacking in organization", he concluded "It is well worth the bargain price of 10 cents."[1]


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