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{{D&D Deity|fgcolor=#fff|
title=The Hand of Fellowship, the Faithful, the Hearthkeeper|
home=[[Mount Celestia|Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia]]|
alignment=[[Alignment (role-playing games)#Lawful Good|Lawful Good]]|
|pantheon=[[Greyhawk pantheon]]
portfolio=Friendship, trust, home|
domains=Good, Law (also Family and Halfling in [[Forgotten Realms]])|
'''Cyrrollalee''' is a deity in the [[Greyhawk pantheon]].
In many [[campaign setting]]s for the ''[[Dungeons & Dragons]]'' [[role-playing game]], '''Cyrrollalee''' is the [[halfling]] deity of friendship, trust, and the home.
In many [[campaign setting]]s, the halfling pantheon of gods consists of the leader [[Yondalla]], as well as [[Arvoreen]], [[Brandobaris]], Cyrrollalee, [[Sheela Peryroyl]], and [[Urogalan]].
Cyrrollalee lives in the halfling realm of the ''Green Fields'' on the plane of [[Mount Celestia]].
Cyrrollalee's clerics wear brown robes. Her sacred animal is the squirrel. Her holy days are the first day of any month, and services are generally held in the home. Monthly prayer rituals are devoted to her.
<references />
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Cyrrollalee is a deity in the Greyhawk pantheon.

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