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Crystalle, titled The One of Many Facets, is a unique quasi-elemental being who rules the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Mineral.[1]

Appearance and personality

Crystalle is twenty-two feet tall and resembles a jagged crystalline giant.[1]

He is highly intelligent, and rules over his domain as a lord. His primary concerns are securing his rule over the creatures that inhabit of his domain, protecting his realm from invasion, and acquiring ever more personal power. He is true neutral in alignment.


Crystalle's fists are sharp and deadly. His crystalline body is harder than metal and resists all but the most magically enhanced weapons. He is resistant even to powerful magic, and utterly fearless in battle, as well as a genius tactician.

He possesses the ability to cast powerful arcane spells, including limited wish, and has the innate ability to surround himself with a prismatic sphere. He has the ability to fly, and even on foot moves with incredible speed for such a massive being. He subsists on a diet of positive energy.

Crystalle's control of his plane's mineral wealth gives him almost limitless ability to source or create rare magic items. He wields a unique scepter which acts as a staff of the magi and rod of absorption. He is accompanied at all times by no less than twenty ioun stones.

Finally, he personally controls vast armies of unique elemental beings native to his realm.


Crystalle's realm is the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Mineral, a hazardous inner plane at the border between the Plane of Earth and Positive Energy Plane. Here grow wondrous sharp gemstones, unique crystalline lifeforms and naturally occurring ioun stones.

In his great hall, Crystalle sits upon an enormous throne, built from rare minerals and inlaid with precious gems the likes of which have never been seen on other worlds.

Publication history

AD&D 2nd edition

Crystalle appears in an article titled The Dragon's Bestiary, in Dragon Magazine #174 (Oct 1991), p.96-100.[1]

Creative origins

Crystalle is an original invention of author Matthew P. Hargenrader.


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