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The Creature Catalogue (AC9), released in 1986, is a sourcebook for the Basic Dungeons & Dragons game.


The Creature Catalogue collected all the creatures first presented in adventures for Basic D&D to that time, plus many new creatures.

The creatures in this book were listed in six categories, or creature types: Animals, Conjurations, Humanoids, Lowlife, Monsters, and Undead. Each creature is listed with appropriate tatistics, an illustration and a short description of the creature, its abilities and tactics.

Also included was a comprehensive index of all monsters found in the Basic Rules (BECMI) (1983), Expert Rules (BECMI) (1983), Companion Rules (BECMI) (1984) and Master Rules (BECMI) (1985), with the creatures sorted into the six types.

List of monsters

The book provides game statistics for over 200 monsters.

Animals: great cat (bekkah, cheetah, jaguar, lynx, spotted lion, wildcat), dinosaur (allosaurus, ankylosaurus, brontosaurus, titanothere, tylosaurus), dog (normal dog, war dog), eagle (normal eagle, great eagle), eel (electric eel, giant eel, weed eel), giant elk, giant fish (giant catfish, giant piranha), giant poisonous frog, gargantua, hawk (normal hawk, giant hawk), giant lizard (giant foot-pad lizard), magpie (normal magpie, giant magpie), megatherium, giant octopus, giant owl, giant oyster, piranha (cold-water), giant porcupine, raven & crow (normal raven & crow, giant raven & crow), rhinoceros (normal rhinoceros, woolly rhinoceros), shark (vamora shark), skunk (normal skunk, giant skunk), snake (giant and normal) (rock rattler (normal, giant)), giant squad.

Conjurations: desert ghost (immature, mature), faedorne, fundamental (air, earth, fire, water), iron gargoyle, golem (rock golem, silver golem), guardian warrior & horse, homunculus (ulzaq, gretch, fylgar), huptzeen, juggernaut (stone juggernaut, wood juggernaut), kal-muru (ship bane), living statue (silver living statue, rock/ooze living statue, jade living statue, steel living statue), magen (hypnos, demos, caldron, galvan), nightmare, reflecter, silver warrior, soul eater, winged warrior.

Humanoids: bhut, cay-man, chameleon man, crone of chaos, cryion, dark wing, aquatic elf, flitterling, garl, gator man, hephaeston, hutaakan (priest, warrior, other), kara-kara, kna, lupin, isolated man (Cynidiceans, Qauriks, Traldar (warrior, vocal, other)), primitive man (native, wild man, barbarian), oard, pachydermion, phanaton, rakasta, rock man, shark-kin, shargugh, sis'thik (desert scourge), snapper, sollux (sun brother), stalwart, tortle, triton, wood imp.

Lowlife: amber lotus flower, giant amoeba, archer bush, fyrsnaca, herex (larva, adult), giant jellyfish (marauder, man-o-war), killer tree, leviathan (desert leviathan, marine leviathan), masher, red worm, scorpion (normal scorpion), giant serpentweed, sirenflower, slime worm, giant spider (giant hunting spider, giant sand spider, giant shroud spider, huge wood spider), steam weevil, strangle vine, strangleweed, vampire rose, whipweed.

Monsters: aranea, ash crawler, baldandar, lesser banshee, bargda, earthquake beetle, aquatic beholder, brain collector, chevall, death demon, decapus (land, marine), sea dragon, dragonfly (white, black, green, blue, red), dragonne, dusanu, fungoid, gakarak, geonid, ghostly horde, grangeri, gyerian, the hivebrood (broodling, hivebrood, hiveleader, broodmother, hivemind), hook beast (hook horror, hulker), hypnosnake, ice wolf, kopru, kraken, lamara, lava lizard, leveller (bodendruker), nagpa, pegataur, lesser phantom, phororhacos (sword beak), piranha bird (lesser, greater), pocket dragon, polymar, randara, roper, sabreclaw, scamille, sea horse, sea serpent (lesser, greater), surtaki, tabi, thunderhead, water weird, white-fang, wychglow, xytar, yowler.

Undead: agarat, dark-hood (rorphyr), death leech, undead dragon, elder ghoul, grey philosopher (philosopher, malice), lesser haunt, mesmer, phygorax, possession, sacrol, topi, vapour ghoul, velya, wyrd (normal, greater).


The Creature Catalogue was one of the last sourcebooks to be published by TSR's UK branch. The sourcebook was compiled by Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher and Graeme Morrisby.

Reception and influence

The Creature Catalogue was revised and updated as the DMR2 Creature Catalog (1993).

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