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Copper is a precious metal.


Copper is a brown shiny metal. Copper is often mined in pure form, rather than an ore. Copper exposed to the elements for a long time tarnishes and acquires a green patina, which is especially noticeable on old statues. It is more common and less valuable than gold or silver.


Copper is widely used to produce coinage. Copper coins are typically worth one-tenth the value of a silver coin, or one-hundredth that of a gold coin. Copper pieces are used to pay for items of small value, such as loaves of bread.

Like other precious metals, copper is used to produce jewelry and works of art, such as statues.

Copper is known to have important properties when used in magic. Certain spells can be cast using small pieces of copper drawn into a thin wire. Alchemists consider copper to have a purifying effect, beneficial in curing poison and disease.[1]

The mages of Faerûn are able to treat copper to increase its hardness. Armor made of hardened copper protects its wearer from electricity and cold.[1]

Copper can be alloyed with tin to form bronze, a harder metal historically used to make weapons and armor prior to the development of iron and steel. It can be alloyed with zinc to produce brass.

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