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A controller is a class role in Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition.


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List of controller classes[]

Class Power source Main ability Source
Wizard (Arcanist) Arcane Int PHB
Druid Primal Wis PHB2
Invoker Divine Wis PHB2
Hybrid Wizard Arcane Int PHB3
Psion Psionic Int PHB3
Hybrid Druid Primal Wis PHB3
Hybrid Invoker Divine Wis PHB3
Seeker Primal Wis PHB3
Hybrid Psion Psionic Int PHB3
Hybrid Seeker Primal Wis PHB3
Wizard (Mage) Arcane Int HotFL
Ranger (Hunter) Martial and Primal Dex or Str HotFK
Warlock (Binder) Arcane Cha HoS
Wizard (Bladesinger) Arcane Int NCS
Hybrid Warlock (Binder) Arcane Con, Cha Dragon #400
Wizard (Witch) Arcane Int HotF
Druid (Protector) Primal Wis HotF
Wizard (Sha'ir) Arcane Int HotEC