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Alters the ambient temperature

Original D&D[]

The spell first appeared in Supplement 3: Eldritch Wizardry, for the druid.

  • Spell Level 4
  • Duration 3 turns + 1 turn/level

Makes the temperature in the area warmer or cooler by 50 degrees Farenheit. Mistletoe is required to perform this spell.


Control Temperature, 10' Radius[]

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a druid spell.

Level: 4 School: Alteration
Components: V, S, M (mistletoe)
Range: 0 Casting Time: 6 segments
Duration: 4 turns + 1 turn/level Saving Throw: None
Area: 20' diameter sphere

The caster alters the temperature in the area by 9 degrees Farenheit per level.