Understands other languages

Original D&D[edit | edit source]

Read Languages[edit | edit source]

Debuted in Men & Magic, for the magic-user. Dragon Magazine #12 introduced this spell to the Illusionist spell list.

  • Spell Level 1

Reads directions and the like, particularly on treasure maps. The spell is short, allowing only one or two readings before it must be cast again.

AD&D[edit | edit source]

Comprehend Languages[edit | edit source]

Debuted in the Player's Handbook.

Level: 1 School: Alteration
Components: V, S, M (a pinch of soot and a few grains of salt)
Range: touch Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 5 rounds/level Saving Throw: None
Target: One written object or one speaking creature

Can read a written message in another language (magical writing can be identified with this spell, but not read), or understand the language of one speaking creature. The caster must touch the target to be understood, be it an object or a creature.

Reversed[edit | edit source]

The reverse cancels the normal version of the spell, or prevents comprehension of languages by the touched target (if the caster hits with an attack).

DM's Advice: The reverse, when cast on a scroll, makes the scroll unreadable, though a comprehend languages will undo the effect.

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