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Complete Psionic is a 162-page sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 released in 2006.

Official synopsis[]

Think You Know Everything About Psionics? Think Again

In ages past, those who wielded psionic power were ignored. Then, as folk witnessed first hand their strange abilities, they were scorned and treated like outcasts. Over time, they have carved niches for themselves in society. Now you can rub shoulders with them at the local inn, trade with them in the bustling streets, and follow them on some great adventure. Psionic characters are everywhere, and your world is all the better for it.

This companion to Expanded Psionics Handbook builds on the existing psionics rules and presents exciting new options for psionic characters and psionic "dabblers." In addition to clarifying concepts introduced in Expanded Psionics Handbook, it presents 3 new standard classes - the ardent, the erudite, and the lurk - plus a host of new prestige classes, feats, spells, magic items, astral constructs, and organizations.


This book is one of the few which contribute to the material from Expanded Psionics Handbook. All Dungeon Masters who are still afraid of incorporating psionics in their worlds will find advice on how to do it properly and painlessly, while those who are already using it will enjoy descriptions of new psionic organisations and new character options.

The book also contains new combat maneuvers, powers, equipment, prestige classes and base classes for psionic-oriented characters.

New stuff[]

  • Base classes: ardent, divine mind, lurk
  • Prestige classes: anarchic initiate, ebon saint, ectopic adept, flayerspawn psychic, illumine soul, soulbow, storm disciple, zerth cenobite
  • Races: synad
  • Racial classes: duergar, githyanki, hithzerai, half-giant, thri-kreen

Development and release[]


The book was written by Bruce R. Cordell and Christopher Lindsay.


Complete Psionic was released by Wizards of the Coast in April 2006 for $29.95 US, or $42.95 Canadian.[1]

On March 26, 2013, it was re-released in digital format. It is currently available on DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild for $14.99.

Reception and influence[]

Critical reception[]

As of 2023, Complete Psionic reached the rank of Gold seller on DriveThruRPG.

Influence on other works[]

External links[]


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