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The cleric is a hybrid class in Dungeons and Dragons, capable of casting magic and capable in melee. The cleric serves a support role much of the time, with spells that heal and enhance.

Original D&D

Clerics contribute to a party with support magic and melee staying power. They are noted as having several of the advantages of fighting-men and magic-users. The cleric class in this edition also contains the so-called "anti-cleric," who casts the reverse form of several of the spells, and who has different level titles.

Prime Requisite

Wisdom is the prime requisite for clerics. They can use Strength on a 3-to-1 basis, and Intelligence on a 2-to-1 basis.

Class Basics



Hit Dice To Hit AC 2 Spells per Day
1 Acolyte / Evil Acolyte 1 17 0
2 Adept / Evil Adept 2 17 1
3 Village Priest / Shaman 3 17 2
4 Vicar / Evil Priest 4 17 2/1
5 Curate / Evil Curate 4+1 15 2/2
6 Bishop / Evil Bishop 5 15 2/2/1/1
7 Lama / Evil Lama 6 15 2/2/2/1/1
8 Patriarch / Evil High Priest 7 15 2/2/2/2/2

Magic Item Use

Clerics can use magic armor and non-edged magic weapons.


Clerics of 7th level and above are either "Law" or "Chaos" (also known as anti-clerics).


When a cleric reaches 8th level (Patriarch), they may opt to build a stronghold. They receive help from "above," allowing them to construct a castle for half the usual cost. Their stronghold attracts fanatically loyal followers who serve at no cost (1d6 x 10 heavy cavalry, 1d6 x 10 horsed crossbowmen, and 3d6 x 10 heavy foot). Clerics with strongholds of their own can invest in their strongholds to increase their income. They receive base tithes equal to 20 GP per inhabitant per year.

Note that if the cleric changes alignment, the former faithful abandon the stronghold.

Magical Research

Clerics can conduct magical research to develop a new spell of a level they can cast. Doing so takes the following investment, with the percentages indicating a percent chance of success when spending that amount of GP:

Level 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Time
1 2,000 GP 4,000 GP 6,000 GP 8,000 GP 10,000 GP 1 Week
2 4,000 GP 8,000 GP 12,000 GP 16,000 GP 20,000 GP 2 Weeks
3 8,000 GP 16,000 GP 24,000 GP 32,000 GP 40,000 GP 3 Weeks
4 16,000 GP 32,000 GP 48,000 GP 64,000 GP 80,000 GP 4 Weeks
5 32,000 GP 64,000 GP 96,000 GP 128,000 GP 160,000 GP 5 Weeks

Turn Undead

Clerics (and not anti-clerics) have a powerful effect on the undead. They can choose to roll 2d6, and if this number is greater than a target number (7, 9, or 11, depending on the level of the cleric and the strength of the target), they can turn away the undead creature. Especially weak creatures are automatically turned, and even weaker creatures are destroyed outright, the magic animating them being dispelled by the cleric.

Undead Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8

Skeleton (1/2 HD)

7 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed
Zombie (1 HD) 9 7 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed
Ghoul (2 HD) 11 9 7 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed
Wight (3 HD) -- 11 9 7 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed
Wraith (4 HD) -- -- 11 9 7 Turned Turned Destroyed
Mummy (5+1 HD) -- -- -- 11 9 7 Turned Turned
Spectre (6 HD) -- -- -- -- 11 9 7 Turned
Vampire (7-9 HD) -- -- -- -- -- 11 9 7

Spell List

Spells that are reversed by anti-clerics are noted with a *.

1st-Level 2nd-Level 3rd-Level 4th-Level 5th-Level 6th-level1 7th-level1
Cure Light Wounds* Find Traps Remove Curse Neutralize Poison Dispel Evil* Animate Objects1 Earthquake1
Purify Food & Water*

Hold Person

Cure Disease* Cure Serious Wounds* Raise Dead Find the Path1 Summon Aerial Servant1
Detect Magic Bless* Locate Object Protection from Evil, 10' Radius* Commune Blade Barrier1 Wind Walk1
Detect Evil* Speak with Animals Continual Light* Turn Sticks to Snakes Quest Word of Recall1 Holy Word1
Protection from Evil* Silence, 15' Radius1 Prayer1 Speak with Plants Insect Plague Speak with Monsters1 Astral Spell1
Light* Snake Charm1 Speak with Dead1 Create Water Create Food Conjure Animals1 Symbol1
Part Water1
Control Weather1
Raise Dead Fully*1

1: Introduced in Supplement 1: Greyhawk


Clerics in AD&D served similarly to their OD&D counterparts as "gish" characters who could wield weapons and cast magic.

Ability Scores

A cleric requires a Wisdom of at least 9 (or at least 13 if the character is a multi-classed half-elf cleric). If the cleric has a Wisdom of 15 or more, they gain a 10% experience point bonus. A cleric also gains bonus spells for a high Wisdom. Clerics benefit from a high Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity as well.

Class Basics



Hit Dice (d8) To Hit AC 0 Saves Spells per Day
1 Acolyte 1 20 10/13/14/16/15 1
2 Adept 2 20 10/13/14/16/15 2
3 Priest 3 20 10/13/14/16/15 2/1
4 Curate 4 18 9/12/13/15/14 3/2
5 <blank> 5 18 9/12/13/15/14 3/3/1
6 Canon 6 18 9/12/13/15/14 3/3/2
7 Lama 7 16 7/10/11/13/12 3/3/2/1
8 Patriarch/Matriarch 8 16 7/10/11/13/12 3/3/3/2
9 High Priest 9 16 7/10/11/13/12 4/4/3/2/1


A cleric uses a holy symbol to power their spells. They cannot use edged or pointed weapons, unless they follow Athena. They can use a large array of other weaponry, including the club, the flail, the hammer, the mace, and the staff. They are also entitled to the use of any armor or shield.

Clerics can use most potions, cleric scrolls, protection scrolls,


A cleric can be of any alignment except True Neutral, depending on the deity they worship. Evil clerics are allowed the use of poison, but neutral and good clerics are not.

Turn Undead

Good clerics can turn away undead by rolling higher than the indicated number on a d20. They turn 1d12 undead creatures at any one time (or 1d6+6 at higher levels). At higher levels, they can turn fiends, and then they turn 1d2 of them. Turned undead move directly away from the cleric for 3d4 rounds at full speed.

Evil clerics can instead attempt to influence undead, causing them to be neutral (and ignore the cleric's party) or even friendly (following the cleric's party on their adventure) as a reaction roll dictates. When a creature would be automatically turned, the evil cleric insted automatically influences them, and when a creature would be destroyed, the evil cleric instead automatically makes them friendly. At high levels, an evil cleric can also turn a single Paladin of the level indicated.

Undead 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-13 14+


10 7 4 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed Destroy 1d6+6 Destroy 1d6+6 Destroy 1d6+6
Zombie 13 10 7 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed Destroy 1d6+6 Destroy 1d6+6
Ghoul 16 13 10 4 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed Destroyed Destroy 1d6+6
Shadow 19 16 13 7 4 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed Destroy 1d6+6
Wight 20 19 16 10 7 4 Turned Turned Destroyed Destroyed
Ghast -- 20 19 13 10 7 4 Turned Turned Destroyed
Wraith -- -- 20 16 13 10 7 4 Turned Destroyed
Mummy or a Paladin (1-2) -- -- -- 20 16 13 10 7 4 Turned
Spectre or a Paladin (3-4) -- -- -- -- 20 16 13 10 7 Turned
Vampire or a Paladin (5-6) -- -- -- -- -- 20 16 13 10 4
Ghost or a Paladin (7-8) -- -- -- -- -- -- 20 16 13 7
Lich or a Paladin (9-10) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 19 16 10
Fiend (1d2) or a Paladin (11+) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 20 19 13


At 8th level, a cleric can establish a place of worship (not less than 2,000 square feet in area) with some sort of altar or shrine, and attract 2d10*10 followers that serve with fanatic loyalty unless the cleric changes deities or alignment. The cleric also gains several 0 level military members:

  • 2d4 heavy cavalry (plate mail, shield, lance, broad sword, and mace)
  • 3d4 medium cavalry (chain mail, shield, lance, flail, short sword)
  • 1d6*5 light cavalry (studded leather, shield, light crossbow, pick)
  • 1d4*5 heavy infantry for melee (splint mail, battle axe, long sword)
  • 1d6*5 heavy infantry pikers (chain mail, pole arm, hand axe)
  • 1d6*5 heavy infantry crossbowyers (ring mail, heavy crossbow, short sword)
  • 1d6*10 light infantry (padded armor, shield, spear, club)

At 9th level, the cleric can enhance their shrine, or build a new stronghold (which must include a shrine) in the form of a large temple, cathedral, castle, monastery, abbey, or church, The structure must occupy at least 2,500 square feet. The construction costs of this are halved, due to the help of the faithful. If the area around the stronghold is monster-free and inhabited by people, the cleric earns 9 silver pieces per head from trade, taxation, and tithes.

Spell List

Spells that can be reversed are noted with a *.

1st-Level 2nd-Level 3rd-Level 4th-Level 5th-Level 6th-Level 7th-Level
Bless* Augury Animate Dead Cure Serious Wounds* Atonement Aerial Servant Astral Spell


Continual Light* Detect Lie* Commune Animate Object Control Weather
Create Water* Detect Charm* Create Food & Water Divination Cure Critical Wounds* Blade Barrier Earthquake
Cure Light Wounds* Find Traps Cure Blindness* Exorcise Dispel Evil* Conjure Animals Gate
Detect Evil* Hold Person Cure Disease* Lower Water* Flame Strike Find the Path* Holy (Unholy) Word
Detect Magic Know Alignment* Dispel Magic Neutralize Poison* Insect Plague Heal* Regenerate*
Light* Resist Fire Feign Death Protection from Evil, 10' Radius* Plane Shift Part Water Restoration*
Protection from Evil* Silence, 15' Radius Glyph of Warding Speak with Plants Quest Speak with Monsters Resurrection*
Purify Food & Drink* Slow Poison Locate Object* Sticks to Snakes* Raise Dead* Stone Tell Symbol
Remove Fear* Snake Charm Prayer Tongues* True Seeing* Word of Recall Wind Walk
Resist Cold Speak with Animals Remove Curse*
Sanctuary Spiritual Hammer Speak with Dead