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Classify Traps
Rogue (11+)
2 Slots
Intelligence (Success: 4)

This proficiency allows a rogue to know precisely how a trap they find functions, in detail. Examination requires at least one full turn (more for more elaborate traps). A successful check reveals how the trap is triggered, what the trap does to those who trigger it, and where, specifically, any area of attack or damage is (provided the rogue can see that area). Magical or invisible traps reduce the success chance by half (fractions rounded up).

A failed roll simply means the rogue can't uncover any further information about this trap. A critical failure means some of the rogue's information is incorrect.

Disarming a trap after classifying it allows the rogue to roll two dice and take the higher result, or the rogue can choose to avoid any trap that can be avoided. If the trap can't be avoided, the rogue is still allowed a save vs. breath weapon - on a failure, the trap deals half damage (if it's possible to halve the effect), on a success the trap deals no damage. If the rogue already has the Evasion skill, they get a +2 bonus on this save. The rogue can also grant any companions this special save against the trap's effects.