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A massive tower carved of pure salt sits in the Crystal Range region of the Plane of Salt. It is this tower that is the Doomguard's presence on the plane, a place they go to when contemplating the dissolution of all reality. This location serves as the headquarters of the sect within the faction that believes that the decay of the multiverse is going too slow, and must be sped up.


Citadel Sealt provides a staging ground for explorers and miners journeying to the Plane of Salt, welcoming outsiders and travelers.

It is also in Citadel Sealt that the Doomguard do business with fiends, selling arms and information to various sects of demons and devils for use in the Blood War. Their belief is that this will intensify any conflict involving these creatures, using them as causes of greater entropy, pulling down both sides in this unending war. They are also willing to sell many of these tools and bits of information to outsiders, leading to Sealt being a rather bustling -- if highly unpleasant and decidedly fiendish -- marketplace.



Citadel Sealt is run by Roth, Doomlord of Salt (male tiefling, level 14 Fighter, Chaotic Neutral). Roth also leads the sect of Doomguard members who wish to speed up the pace of the multiverse's collapse


Blood War Bargaining[]

The function of Sealt as a location for trading arms and information makes it a frequent target of fiendish retribution of one stripe or another. The plots are subtle, but omnipresent, and the Doomguard are always seeking third partied with plausible deniability to look into them.