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This massive fortress drifts listlessly on the Plane of Vacuum, containing at its core a gateway to the Negative Energy Plane. It is one of the four citadels that serve as the Doomguard's planar headquarters, this one housing many of the faction members who believe that the multiverse is collapsing correctly, who wish to neither speed it up nor slow it down.


This structure is the only known structure on the entire Plane of Vacuum, and while there isn't much reason for planewalkers to come here, this serves as a resting place for those who do.

It serves as a nexus of sorts between several planes where the Doomguard have presences, including the Negative Energy Plane and the four negative quasiplanes.



Citadel Exhalus is run by Nagual, Doomlord of Vacuum (female dwarf, level 10 Priest of Shiva, Neutral Good), who also serves as the person in charge of the sect of Doomguard members who believe that the pace of the multiverse's destruction is correct, and must be kept consistent.


The Citadel serves as a home to about 200 people at any one point in time, most of them Doomguard, but a few members of the Dustmen as well.


Worship of Annihilation[]

Rumor has it that the Doomguard sect here is also known to worship the very concept of Annihiliation, via the Negative Energy Plane. Many of the Doomguard members who dwell in the citadel are preists, though it is hard to get them to be direct about the source of their divine power in most instances.

Spheres of Annihilation[]

The Doomguard's stockpile of spheres of annihiliation are said to be kept here, in a place where they don't do a lot of incindental damage. Of course, as this represents a potent, concentracted force for destruction, they aren't exactly inclined to chat openly about it much.