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Children of the Night: Vampires is a 98-page sourcebook for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition released in [missing data].

Official synopsis[]

Behold the Many Faces of Mankind's Darkest Enemy

Twin puncture wounds mark the kiss of the nosferatu. Blood trickles with the slow crawl of despair. A shadow lingers, black against black. Chill mist clings damply to every surface, and the echo of an anguished shriek still hangs in the air.

Children of the Night: Vampires introduces 13 unique and terrifying villains of horrific proportion. Each one challenges vampire hunters to rethink common perceptions regarding these foes - for these are no ordinary undead. Every creature presented in this book is a unique individual with its own history, personality, and powers.

These lords of the night whom adventurers may meet include the following:

Jander Sunstar, one of the oldest vampires in the Land of Mists

Myxitzajal, a seagoing monster with a taste for fishermen

Lady Adeline, an elf vampire who seeks out the light rather than hiding from it

Lyssa von Zarovich, who covets the power of her great uncle Strahd

...and many more!

These Are the Children of the Night

Children of the Night: Vampires is the first book in a new series that brings to (un)life the creature types treated in the bestselling Van Richten's Guides. Each volume offers biographies of distinct and monstrous villains easily added to any game; short adventures featuring such nemeses, which can stand alone or be strung together to form a mini-campaign; unique ways to fight each foe; and adventure hooks for using the creatures as recurring villains.

For all character levels.


Development and release[]


The book was written by Paul Culotta and Steve Miller. Art was provided by Daniel Horne and Jason Burrows.


Children of the Night: Vampires was released by TSR in for $[missing data] US or $[missing data] Canadian.

On January 22, 2013, it was re-released in digital format. It is currently available on DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild for $2.99.

Reception and influence[]

Critical reception[]

As of 2023, Children of the Night: Vampires reached the rank of Gold seller on DriveThruRPG.

Influence on other works[]

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