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2 Slots

The character can function underground and make the following proficiency checks. Note that dwarves and gnomes recieve a +3 bonus to their checks, while those with the Direction Sense proficiency may use it in place of Caving to determine direction underground. Members of the Guide class who choose the Spelunker package can gain this proficiency for 1 slot.

  • Detect Slope (-1): Detects a slope in a passage.
  • Detect New Construction (-1): Gives you a sense of if any new construction has happened in the area.
  • Detect Unsafe Structures (-2): Allows you to tell if a cave area is at risk of collapse or has structural flaws.
  • Determine Depth (-3): Allows you to intuit your depth below ground
  • Detect Mechanical Structures (-4): Allows you to notice sliding walls or shifting rooms.
  • Detect Stonework Traps (-6): Reveals to you traps, pits, and deadfalls of stonework.
  • Detect Direction Underground (-6): Allows you to get your bearings when below ground.

Publication History[]

AD&D 2e: Sages & Specialists (note: it appeared here without a keyed ability score)