These are spells available to shadow mages, that link to the plane of shadow and tap its energy somehow. They often involve a bit of necromancy and a bit of illusion and the most powerful spells in this school can create real and semi-real objects, creatures, and effects.


In 2e, shadow mages were a vairant wizard with a few limited shadow-based special abilities and a suite of shadow-based spells.

Spell LV Rarity Brief Description
Chill Touch 1 Common Allows the caster to make strength-draining touch attacks
Sleep 1


Puts weak creatures in an area into slumber
Spook 1 Common Frightens one creature, causing it to flee
Moonglow 1 Uncommon Creates a soft, silvery light on an object
Blacksteel 1 Rare Turns a weapon into the perfect assassin's tool
Tunnel Vision 1 Very Rare Limits the target's vision to a narrow cone
Blur 2 Common Makes the caster blurry and indistinct
Darkness, 15' Radius 2 Common Creates an area of darkness
Ray of Enfeeblement 2 Common Weakens a target significantly
Scare 2 Common Frightens a group of weak creatures
Spectral Hand 2 Common Allows the caster to make touch attacks at range
Dancing Shadows 2 Uncommon Creates an area of flickering light and shadow
Shadow Burst 2 Uncommon Blasts an enemy with a nectrotic burst
Wall of Gloom 2 Uncommon Creates a wall of fear-inducing shadow
Dark Mirror 2 Very Rare Reflects or negates magical darkness for the caster
Nondetection 3 Common Wards a creature or item against divination magic
Phantom Steed 3 Common Creates a shadowy mount for travel
Wraithform 3 Common Turns the caster insubstantial
Paralyzation 3 Uncommon Stops a group of weak enemies cold with a powerful illusion
Shadow Blink 3 Uncommon Allows for limited teleportation between shadows

Shadow Cloak

3 Uncommon The caster can become invisible in shadows.
Spirit Armor 3 Uncommon Creates armor out of your life-force
Create Darkness 3 Rare Snuffs out light in the area
Darksense 3 Rare Allows a target to echolocate
Lorloveim's Creeping Shadow 3 Rare The caster can see, hear, and speak through their elongated shadow
Mailed Might 3 Rare Guards a creature with illusory, intimidating armor.
Shadow Bolt 3 Very Rare Creates an illusory fireball that chases its target
Drow Darkness 3 Exclusive to Drow Creates an area of darkness around the caster
Enervation 4 Common
Evard's Black Tentacles 4 Common
Fear 4 Common
Minor Creation 4 Common
Shadow Monsters 4 Common
Darkening Bolt 4 Uncommon Creates a bolt of necrotic lightning
Shadowshield 4 Uncommon
Create Darkenbeast 4 Rare
Gloom 4 Rare
Whisper Blade 4 Rare
Argaster's Cloak of Shadows 4 Very Rare
Shdaow Skeleton 4 Very Rare
Spectral Wings 4 Very Rare
Demishadow Monsters 5 Common
Major Creation 5 Common
Passwall 5 Common
Shadow Door 5 Common
Shadow Magic 5 Common
Summon Shadow 5 Common
Conjure Nightmare 5 Uncommon
Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound 5 Uncommon
Phantom Blade 5 Uncommon
Shadow Head 5 Rare
Shadow Hand 5 Very Rare
Shadow Play 5 Very Rare
Zala's Deception 5 Very Rare
Demishadow Magic 6 Common
Shades 6 Common
Blackmantle 6 Uncommon
Bloodstone's Spectral Steed 6 Uncommon
Lorloveim's Shadowy Transformation 6 Rare
Turnshadow 6 Rare
Shadow Gauntlet 6 Very Rare
Shadow Speak 6 Very Rare
Duo-Dimension 7 Common
Phase Door 7 Common
Shadow Walk 7 Common
Shadowcat 7 Uncommon
Maze 8 Common
Shadow Form 8 Uncommon
Energy Drain 9 Common
Mass Blindness 9 Rare
Create Shade 9 Very Rare

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