The school of Illusion is a school of Philosophy focused on spells that deceive, conceal, mislead, or misdirect. It also plays with light, darkness, and color, and manipulates bits of Shadow-stuff. It is philosophically opposed to the school of Divination in that what Divination reveals, Illusion conceals.

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AD&D Edit

In AD&D, Illusionists as a class had access to spells no other magic-user did, and varied several magic-user spells. This list contains those spells from any spell lists that are dubbed "(Illusion/Phantasm)" spells

AD&D 2eEdit

In 2e, this school was referred to as "Illusion/Phantasm."

Specialists Edit

Specialists in the Illusion/Phantasm school are known as Illusionists. Abjurers, Necromancers, Alchemists, Geometers cannot learn spells of the Illusion school.

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