This spell hurls a light object at high velocity

AD&D 2e[edit | edit source]

Catapult[edit | edit source]

Spell Level: 1 Rarity: Uncommon
Schools: Alteration, Archer's Road
Components: V, S
Range: 50 yards Casting Time: 1
Duration: 1 round Saving Throw: None
Target: 1 object

Hurls a loose, unattended item weighing no more htan 3 lbs from the caster in a direction they point. The object travels out to the spell's range, and then falls to the ground.

The spell can hurl an object into an enemy, using the cater's attack roll +3. The spell's magic makes the hurled object a +3 weapon for the purposes of determining if a creature can be hit, and it pierces protection from normal missile spells. A weapon deals normal weapon damage +1, a light item (less than 2 lbs) deals 1d2+1 damage, and a heavy item (2-3 lbs) deals 1d3+1 damage.

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