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Buffalo are wild, angry breeds of cattle that dwell on the plains. This category includes bison, aurochs, wild oxen, and other forms of wild bovids.

They travel in great herds over large swaths of expansive lands, and are sometimes herded by the people who live alongside them. They can be fierce when challenged by a predator, and their herds may stampede.


Buffalo are fairly docile, even in the wild, but can be startled and may stampede. The males -- bulls -- are quite aggressive and will defend the other members of the herd. 


Buffalo organize in herds which can consist of only a few members, but can also consist of hundreds. For approximately every 20 females, there is one dominant male -- a bull. Most herds range from 20-200 females (2d10*10), and their accompanying bulls. 


Bulls are the dominant males in buffalo herds. Aggressive and quick to anger, bulls do not hesitate in turning on intruders to attack.


Wild buffalo aren't easily domesticated, but they can still provide skin, meat, and bone that serve as robust building materials and leather. 

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