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The Breachgnome is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings for gnome fighters. Breachgnomes specialize in defense of the homeland, standing tall in narrow tunnels while others prepare or flee. 

Character Role[]

A breachgnome is a courageous, knightly figure, standing against the tide of enemies until all their friends are safe and secure. A breachgnome is stubborn, tenacious, and selfless, thinking more of their community than of themselves.

Breachgnome Lore[]

An epic figure of gnomish legend, Maddi Gaddlroot was a breachgnome who held off an army of ogres for an entire day, standing in a cave mouth between two trees, where only one foe could approach her at a time. She defended a city of one thousand gnomes while they took the young and infirm away, and prepared an ambush. Maddi was slain, but her heroic sacrifice allowed the town time to set up traps and tricks that the ogres blundered into, retreating in pain and frustration.

Building a Breachgnome[]

Breachgnomes need a good Strength, and benefit from a high Constitution. The Armorer or Weaponsmith secondary skill is recommended. If proficiencies are used, in addition to those proficiencies, a breachgnome may benefit from Endurance and Blacksmithing.

Game Rule Information[]

  • Ability Score Requirement: Strength 16
  • Proficiency Requirement: Must be proficient in the short sword, and either the hammer or the axe.
  • Benefits:
    • When fighting with one flank protected by solid objects within 3', the breachgnome's AC improves by 1. With both flanks protected in this way, the breachgnome's AC improves by 2. You can presume the gnome is 2' wide for determining if the sides are protected (so a gnome in an 8' wide corridoor gains the higher bonus).
    • Breachgnomes gain weapon proficiencies every two levels, starting at level 3.
  • Hinderances: Breachgnomes cannot flee from a fight that they might win (even if companions and common sense urge a withdrawl) unless they make a Wisdom check. The breachgnome can repeat the check each round, but cannot flee until it succeeds.