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Bramble faeries tiny, nasty little creatures bristling with spines. Possibly related to the gorse faeries, the brambles are nomadic outcasts, who run with a rather unseelie crowd.


Bramble faeries are about three inches tall, and they look something like dried-out humanoids, with dark, wrinkled skin and pointed fingers, ears and toes. Distinctively, they have a row of spines emerging from their back as well. To accent these spikes, they often wear spiked armor.


Bramble faeries enjoy fights and brawls and especially wrestling. However, their bravado is often misplaced, and they are cowards with no sense of honor, fleeing the moment they are outclassed. Handling a bramble fairy is a risky proposition, due to the spines - many predators have been stuck with a spike when they bite or grab at the bramble faerie.The brambles are perfectly capable of hurling themselves at their enemies as well, leaping especially at sensitive exposed areas such as the eyes. Brambles may also have mounts, and prefer spikey, spiney animals such as porcupines and hedgehogs. Some brambles are poisonous, and though the poison is painful for a few moments (and will reduce the strength and accuracy of attacks), it isn't fatal. Other brambles are also capable of using a special anti-flying spell, which renders even (small) creatures capable of natural flight bound to the ground. They use this to hunt small birds, and to ground flying pixies and spirtes, to chase after their terrified prey as it attempts to fly away.


Bramble faeries tend to be pretty hateful creatures, though they get along well with their mounts, who also serve as early alarm systems when the bramble faerie's spiney lair is invaded.


The brambles' own poison can be used, though up to ten must be collected and squeezed to get enough for one dose of the venom (enough to coat a sword or 10 arrows). Their armor is also quite well-crafted, and fetches gold as a great work of metallurgy.


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