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Book of Vile Darkness is a 192-page sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 released in October 2002.

Official synopsis[]

"Only the most indomitable minds dare to look upon the malevolent thoughts and forbidden secrets bound herein. This corrupt tome is filled with deplorable wisdom, malignant ideas, and descriptions of creatures, rites, and practices most foul. Evil permeates every word and image inscribed within it."

Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead

This sourcebook for the Dungeons & Dragons game is intended for mature audiences and provides a Dungeon Master with unflinching access to subject matter that will broaden any campaign. Included in a detailed look at the nature of evil and the complex challenge of confronting the many dilemmas found within its deepest shadows. Along with wicked spells, wondrous items, and artifacts, Book of Vile Darkness also provides descriptions and statistics for a host of abominable monsters, archdevils, and demon princes to pit against the noblest of heroes.


Development and release[]


Book of Vile Darkness was written by Monte Cook. Art was provided by Tom Baxa, Steven Belledin, and Matt Cavotta.


Book of Vile Darkness was released by Wizards of the Coast in October 2002 for $32.95 US, or $45.95 Canadian.[1]

It is one of a few first-party D&D sourcebooks which are not available as a digital sale. This may be due to the book's controversial content.

Reception and influence[]

Critical reception[]

Influence on other works[]

Book of Vile Darkness received a good-aligned counterpart, the Book of Exalted Deeds (2003) for D&D 3.5. It inspired The Book of Vile Darkness (4e) (2011).

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