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BeardWizard BeardWizard 2 February 2020

Why Wikia/Fandom?

In May 2018 I adopted this wiki after a hiatus by the original founder, who created it in 2010. My goal had long been to establish a wiki encyclopedia of D&D lore, and using this existing wiki seemed like a strong way to establish it.

At some point, future users may question the decision to build this wiki on the Fandom platform, formerly known as Wikia. While the platform has some noted disadvantages, I hope to explain in this article the advantages, and why I believe it is the best platform to grow the wiki going forward.

In the past, several high-profile gaming wikis have left Wikia/Fandom over various disputes. In 2010, NetHackWiki and Dungeons and Dragons Wiki left over a new page layout.[1][2] The Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance was…

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BeardWizard BeardWizard 7 November 2019


This wiki was established on February 28, 2010, as a general encyclopedia of Dungeons & Dragons canon, lore, and history. In the past year the number of articles has increased by 38%, and this week it reached 1,500 articles.

  • 1 Why this wiki?
  • 2 A short history of D&D wikis
    • 2.1 Establishment
    • 2.2 Era of change
  • 3 The current situation
  • 4 Encyclopedia vs homebrew
  • 5 This site's purpose

There are currently several larger English-language Dungeons & Dragons wikis online, but all have one of two limits that restrict its usefulness as a general D&D encyclopedia:

  • They are limited to a single campaign setting, or
  • They allow homebrew (fan-made game rules), and consist primarily of homebrew and other non-encyclopedic content, making accurate encyclopedic information difficult …

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