Blibdoolpoolp, the Sea Mother, is the entity worshiped by the kuo-toa. Ancient and half-mad, she presides over a species much fallen from their former glory, and, through a fog of fury and madness, she impels them to take back the surface that they have been banished from.

Symbol: A lobster head, or a black pearl

Areas of Control: Darkness, Insanity, and Revenge.

Avatar: A human female with a lobster's head and lobster claws in place of hands. She is said to be able to make any creature mad by staring into their eyes with her own multi-faceted orbs.


Blibdoolpoolp is mercurial and unpredictable, though her hatred of civilization and her fury at her peoples' fall are fairly constant.

The Sea Mother sends an emissary to oversee great sacrifices at the kuo-toan temples. Sacrifices often take the form of drowning living people. She sends omens via sacred black pearls, which she causes to change color. The kuo-toa also keep monstrous lobsters in their temples, and the behavior of these creatures is occasionally seen as an omen as well.


Her priests are said to be able to master control water, manifest ice and lightning, and drive their enemies insane. They dress in pearl-colored robes with pearl-studded jewelry, drapped in torn nets.

The Murky DepthsEdit

Bibdoolpoolp makes her home on the Elemental Plane of Water, in a dark, toxic corner of the plane. On a sandbank here, her faithful acolytes have built a city of twisted coral, mirroring the madness in her mind. It is said that visitors here have their minds filled with evil, chaotic thoughts, and that none can leave without offering the Sea Mother a new secret or power.


Kuo-toa are her humanoid allies. Principle among them is a proxy known as Priest-Prince Va-Guulgh, an assassin-priest who is said to be in love with the Sea Mother. Kuo-toa everywhere consider her responsible for the race over all, though some have begun worshipping Dagon as a possible way out, considering the worship of the Sea Mother a dead-end.

Lobsters, crayfish, and similar creatures are sacred to her, and she may specially bless certain massive ones. Kuo-toa nurture such creatures, and keep them as guard beasts and pets in their holy sites.


Ilsensine of the Mind Flayers is her special rival, and she has no great love for Lolth of the Drow, either. These other goddesses compete with her for dominance of the underdark, and impede her peoples' ascendance. She loathes the deities of the civilized races more, however.