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Alters a weapon to make it suitable for assassination.

AD&D 2e

Spell Level: 1 Rarity: Rare
Schools: Alteration, Shadow
Components: V, S, M (a pinch of iron filings and a scrap of cobweb)
Range: touch Casting Time: 1
Duration: 2 turns/level max Saving Throw: None
Targets: A weapon you hold

The altered weapon becomes dark, silent, and nonreflective. It makes no noise when striking creatures or objects, even if it breaks or hits against a shield or something simlar. Blood also clings to the weapon, without spraying away or dripping off of it. The blade is considered a magic weapon (though it has no bonuses to attack or damage) once this spell is placed on it.

The spell ends at the end of the duration, but it can end earlier - the blacksteel spell is fragile, and shatters when exposed to any new magic. This may include touching another magic item (such as a magic weapon or shield), hitting a magical creature (such as a fey creature) or one protected by magic (such as mage armor), being exposed to any other magic (such as an identify spell), or being on the person of someone who is affected by magic (such as hold person. The spell does not end if the wielder uses another magic item or casts a spell against some other creature, and previously-cast spells, either in the area or on the blade itself, don't disrupt the blacksteel enchantment. Additionally, magical scabbards can be used freely with a blacksteel blade.

In a special condition, the locate object spell. when used on a blacksteel weapon, will fail, and the blacksteel will also be removed - the spells cancel each other.