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Beljuril dragons are a rare but powerful species of gem dragon that lived only in seismically active areas.[1]



Beljuril dragons are dark grey when they hatch, but slowly develop a lava-like coloration, with grey or black plates interspersed with red and yellow outlines. Older beljuril dragons lose this coloring, instead developing dark grey and violet scales streaked with incandescent blue and green. They range in size from 11 foot-long wyrmlings to 200 foot-long great wyrms.[1]

Personality and alignment[]

Beljuril dragons are reclusive by nature, being limited to seismically active regions as they were. However, younger beljuril dragons tend to be curious about any and all visitors. Beljuril dragons are almost never violent unless attacked, or the rare times an older one sought a new territory.[1]

Abilities and traits[]

Beljuril dragons possess two breath weapons: the first was a silent, cold blast of energy that discharges as a bolt of green, violet, or blue light that crackled and flashed. It absorbs heat, light, and vibratory energy and released a massive electrical blast. Interestingly, it sometimes leaves behind a handful of beljurils; The dragons can only use it in a seismically active environment. The second breath weapon is a gout of lava. Beljuril dragons are wholly immune to any and all fire- or heat-based effects.[1]

Like other gem dragons, beljuril dragons are naturally psionic. They typically have the psychokinetic sciences of molecular rearrangement and telekinesis, the devotions of control flames, control wind, inertial barrier, molecular agitation, and molecular manipulation, as well as the psychometabolic sciences of energy containment and metamorphosis, and the devotions of cell adjustment, chemical stimulation, lend health, and suspend animation.[1]

Beljuril dragons rarely start combat, and their inhospitable habitat protects them from most threats.[1]



They make their homes in the lava lakes and surrounding caves that form at the top of volcanoes: a fearsome and wondrous environment where curtains and fountains of fire sometimes appear, over a black crust of dried lava that tore because of movement in the liquid beneath. They rarely leave their lakes, except when an eruption is imminent, when they take flight to find a new lake.[1]

Life cycle[]

Beljuril dragons are natural loners. They lay and bury their eggs deep within the ground, and new dragons only hatch at the same time a new volcano forms. Interestingly, wyrmlings hatch with unusually hard scales (due to the heat and pressure of where they hatch), but lose that hardness from youth to young adulthood, when frequent growth spurts necessitate frequent shedding.[1]


Beljuril dragons feed upon seismic energy, and are consequently limited in habitat to seismically (volcanically) active areas.[1]

Society and culture[]


Beljuril dragons speak their own dialect of the draconic language, as well as the dialect common to the gem dragons.[1]



The treasure they "keet" in their lairs consists of molten silver and copper in the lakes, sometimes with gold deposits underneath, or other rare ores drawn up from the mantle of the world. The solid rock around their lairs are always studded with beljuril crystals (they filtered seismic energy through the stones while feeding), as well as quartzes or rainbow obsidian some 60% of the time. Many beljuril mines are found over old beljuril dragon lairs.[1]

Adult and older beljuril dragons leave their homes to collect meteorites, which they use to aid them in spellcasting and arcane rituals. The only magical items ever found in a beljuril dragon's lair are those that can withstand the immense heat.[1]


Ancient history[]

According to some sages, beljuril dragons were a remnant of a time when "oceans of magma lapped against the shores of young continents".[1]

Publication history[]

AD&D 2nd edition[]

Beljuril dragons first appeared in the article "Earthshakers" in issue #265 of Dragon magazine.


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