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The bekkah is a large and fearsome great cat.


The bekkah is an unusually large variety of black panther found in dense tropical jungles and warm forests. They have a frightening roar which can leave victims rooted to the spot, only weakly able to defend themselves against attack. They are more intelligent than other great cats.[1]

Few can escape a bekkah, and their victims seem to simply disappear. However, their presence is demonstrated through large paw-prints. In the jungle, bekkah are sometimes regarded as akin to deities, due to the mystery surrounding them and their apparent invulnerability; this may lead to local tribes attempting to appease a bekkah by leaving animal or human sacrifices for them, bound and helpless, at specific, traditional locations.[1]

Publication history[]

Basic D&D[]

The bekkah first appeared in AC9 Creature Catalogue (1986) under "cat, great", and was reprinted under that heading in DMR2 Creature Catalog (1993). In both books, they were assigned to the animal creature type or monster type.


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